Learning to Surf With Corky Carroll

Written by Josh Eelson

Learning to Surf With Corky Carroll

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Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com To read this entire feature FREE with photos cut and paste this link: http://www.jetsettersmagazine.com/archive/jetezine/sports02/surfing/corky/corky.html

I'd like to sayrepparttar sun flooded us with a warm glow that morning.

That we could barely make outrepparttar 137734 orangey rays peeking throughrepparttar 137735 holes inrepparttar 137736 clouds. I'd like to say that my feet and skin welcomedrepparttar 137737 daybreak, but unfortunately this wasn'trepparttar 137738 case.

It was an August Monday morning, and as I nervously walked onto Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, California, I was greeted by a bitter chill and a slight drizzle. It was gray and cold. So cold, that I couldn't understand why anyone would want to get into an even chillier water in an attempt to surf. But surfing isn't about lazy warm afternoons or playing inrepparttar 137739 water. It's about style and technique. It's about love; something I would soon learn.

I have signed up forrepparttar 137740 group lesson, and I took cover underrepparttar 137741 tarp where I was welcomed by blonde haired, deeply tanned Rick Walker,repparttar 137742 Corky Carroll Surf School Director. After introducing myself, I felt comforted by his raspy voice and amazing enthusiasm. Forrepparttar 137743 next 45 minutes or so,repparttar 137744 rest ofrepparttar 137745 students and I listened to Rick's wisdom onrepparttar 137746 importance of safety, direction and technique inrepparttar 137747 water. One ofrepparttar 137748 more interesting things I noticed during his enlightening and slightly comical routine wasrepparttar 137749 fact thatrepparttar 137750 majority of students were about 15 years younger than I and about half my size. Naturally I bonded with a few surfers more my age as we were lined up in order of height. Feeling more comfortable now, I was ready and willing to give my first attempt at surfing an embarrassing try.

We were separated in groups of about four or five, each with a different instructor. Smiling and a little out of breath, an instructor byrepparttar 137751 name of Brian showed up soaked from all ready surfing. After that camerepparttar 137752 pivotal moment that made me understand how anyone in their right mind could be out here surfing in these gloomy conditions, I was given a wet suit.

Corky Carroll's Surfing School provided us with wet suits, pre-waxed surfboards and professional instructors. Brian told me that some ofrepparttar 137753 instructors here have been competing in international competitions for years. He, onrepparttar 137754 other hand, only gives surfing lessons duringrepparttar 137755 summers. Duringrepparttar 137756 rest ofrepparttar 137757 year he is an academic teacher.

"Sometimes I'm having so much fun out here that I forget I'm working," he said. I responded with a smile and a nod as he proceeded to get each of usrepparttar 137758 correct board. Soon camerepparttar 137759 dreaded moment of enteringrepparttar 137760 water. My new buddies and I strutted our way downrepparttar 137761 beach to an open area where we could learn surfing basics safely. With echoes ofrepparttar 137762 Baywatch theme song inrepparttar 137763 back of my head I enteredrepparttar 137764 water.

Tivives y Valor – Surfing Costa Rica

Written by Kriss Hammond

Tivives y Valor – Surfing Costa Rica

Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com To read this entire feature FREE with photos cut and paste this link: http://www.jetsettersmagazine.com/archive/jetezine/globe02/CentAm02/costarica/surf/surf.html

Findingrepparttar best time and ideal place for an ultimate surf adventure in Costa Rica is easy to do, with Tivives all overrepparttar 137733 country. All you need is a brief outline ofrepparttar 137734 different surf spots, a good idea of how to get there, and when conditions are at their peak.

Costa Rica's climatic and geographical variations can be divided into four different surf regions:repparttar 137735 Caribbean,repparttar 137736 North Pacific,repparttar 137737 Central Pacific, andrepparttar 137738 South Pacific.

The Caribbean coastline has a defined surf season from January to March and July to October. Strong storms inrepparttar 137739 Caribbean often send short but extremely powerful swells crashing onto world-class breaks.

The North Pacific generally has good quality surf year-around. The consistent northeasterly "Papagayo" winds during December through March andrepparttar 137740 Northern Hemisphere storms create ideal waves.

The Central Pacific is an exposed stretch of coastline regarded by many surfers as one ofrepparttar 137741 most consistent areas.

Quick and easy access fromrepparttar 137742 San José's Juan Santamaria International Airport, and a wide variety of restaurants, accommodations and entertainment for surfers, makes it an ideal place to start off a "tico surf adventure."

The South Pacific has a wide range of waves to choose from. Some ofrepparttar 137743 best-known spots, likerepparttar 137744 point break at Pavones, requires a south swell, characteristic ofrepparttar 137745 winter months inrepparttar 137746 Southern Hemisphere (July-November), even though Costa Rica is inrepparttar 137747 Northern Hemisphere.

Costa Rica's diversity and tremendous variety of surf spots make it possible to surf excellent waves all year long. The short travel distances and different regions provide traveling surfers withrepparttar 137748 possibility not only to experience magic and adventure while visiting interesting and unique parts ofrepparttar 137749 country, but to score a variety of world-class point breaks, reefs and beach breaks. Best of all, you can surf in warm water all year around.

Costa Rica experiences semi-diurnal tidal differences. Extreme tidal variations onrepparttar 137750 Pacific coastline often affect certain breaks. But,repparttar 137751 long irregular coastline always guarantees quality waves for hard-core surfers willing to explore.

Stop in at any local surf shop or befriend a local to learn aboutrepparttar 137752 best conditions forrepparttar 137753 different breaks. With so many different beaches and locations to choose from, Costa Rica isrepparttar 137754 ideal place for an unforgettable surf trip. Grab your stick, wax up and read up onrepparttar 137755 top 37 favorite spots right here in Jetsetters Magazine.

Manzanillo - Located inrepparttar 137756 Gandoca-Manzanillo Reserve, 20 km south of Puerto Viejo,repparttar 137757 northern end of this beach sports a fast break. On contrary,repparttar 137758 southern end has virtually no surf because it is heavily protected by a large coral reef. Although surf is not a heavily practiced sport at this beach, diving, sea kayaking, trekkingrepparttar 137759 reserve and observingrepparttar 137760 nesting of turtles inrepparttar 137761 nearby Gandoca-Manzanillo Lagoon are among other options. Althoughrepparttar 137762 road in is unpaved, 4WD is not required. Lodging is rustic andrepparttar 137763 several restaurants around can dish up some excellent, typical Caribbean cuisine for starving visitors.

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