Learning to Be Your Own Baseball Batting Coach

Written by Coach John Peter

Check Yourself: Learning to Be Your Own Batting Coach

Use checkpoints to stop at given points ofrepparttar swing to observe & correct yourself.

NOTE: Learn to check yourself fromrepparttar 151138 feet up…every time. This will keep you from missing certain parts ofrepparttar 151139 swing and more easily allow you to remember all details.

Rest Position – How does it look, how does it feel? Are you comfortable? Is your weight about 40% front foot and 60% back foot? Are you onrepparttar 151140 balls of your feet with your weight bearing onrepparttar 151141 inside of your slightly flexed knees and again,repparttar 151142 balls of your feet? Hands about 4-6” from your body? Tall back side? Head equal distant between both feet, eyes level, so both eyes seerepparttar 151143 ball?

Load Position – Take a negative move (this is when you “load” with your hands moving toward your back shoulder) and hands held high (atrepparttar 151144 top ofrepparttar 151145 strike zone). Can you feelrepparttar 151146 slight pull of muscles from your torso and upper body…likerepparttar 151147 winding of a spring? Keep your stride shorter rather than longer! Hands go towardrepparttar 151148 back of your body while front foot strides toward pitcher (some coaches will call this ‘walking away from your hands’).

Saunders to the Pistons, Larry to the Knicks

Written by John Onan

What it means to these two teams

Well,repparttar news of Larry Brown’s departure from Detroit and expected arrival in New York has finally come to pass. As expected, Flip Saunders,repparttar 151137 embattled former Minnesota Timberwolves coach has now takenrepparttar 151138 help of a team that has reachedrepparttar 151139 NBA Finalsrepparttar 151140 last two seasons; winning it all in 2004.

First off, I already understand that Saunders in no Larry Brown; and that may be good news forrepparttar 151141 Piston’s organization and their players. The focus should be onrepparttar 151142 team and not on ifrepparttar 151143 coach is flirting with other teams for head coaching jobs and/or front office positions. The center of attention should remain onrepparttar 151144 court, where this Pistons squad is proven winners. The core of this team is still very young andrepparttar 151145 window remains wide open for more championships.

If Brown were to remain in Detroit, General Manager Joe Dumars would more of less be admitting that this team can’t win without him. And in return, this team would spendrepparttar 151146 next season, and any thereafter withrepparttar 151147 gypsy coach atrepparttar 151148 helm, withrepparttar 151149 prospect of Brown always curious whenever one ofrepparttar 151150 many NBA jobs open up for discussion.

Brown went as far to say aboutrepparttar 151151 Knicks opportunity that it was his “dream job “. Well, by looking atrepparttar 151152 Knicks roster of returnees, this dream could turn into a bad one relatively quick. With Stephon Marbury runningrepparttar 151153 show,repparttar 151154 “I” remains permanently ensconced in this team. Good luck Larry, getting Marbury to buy intorepparttar 151155 “team consept” and playing defense. It has yet to be done by any coach ever to encounter a guy who still believesrepparttar 151156 ballgame revolves around him. And before anyone compares Marbury to Brown’s guidance of a young Allen Iverson, he’s not even in A.I.’s league; never will be.

Isaiah Thomas continues to mismanagerepparttar 151157 team and it’s finances, bringing in role players and expecting them to flourish in a town that will tell you exactly what they think of you if you’re not performing to those inflated expectations. Jerome James and Quentin Richardson are notrepparttar 151158 answers to Isaiah’s frontcourt prayers. Channing Frye is a nice draft pick, but he won’t getrepparttar 151159 ball unless he rebounds it, as long as Marbury and Jamal Crawford are launching jump shots.

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