Learning Spanish Grammar and the verb "Gustar"

Written by Patrick Jackson

Learning Spanish Grammar andrepparttar Verb "Gustar"

by Patrick Jackson © Patrick Jackson - All Rights Reserved 2004 =================================== Learning Spanish Grammar andrepparttar 109292 Verb "Gustar"

If there's one verb that gave me a lot of trouble when I first started learning Spanish grammar that verb was "gustar." Many ofrepparttar 109293 Spanish lessons and Spanish classes that I took in order to learn Spanish only confused me even more aboutrepparttar 109294 use of "gustar." "Gustar" means "to be pleasing to" or "to find pleasant." But in many instances, Spanish speakers use itrepparttar 109295 same way that we userepparttar 109296 verb "to like." For example, in Spanish you don't literally say: "I likerepparttar 109297 dog."

In Spanish you would say: "Me gusta el perro".

That literally means "the dog is pleasing to me." Actually, it means "it pleases merepparttar 109298 dog."

It may sound strange to your English-hearing ears. But you will get used to it. Let's try it.

I likerepparttar 109299 house. Me gusta la casa.

I don't likerepparttar 109300 car. No me gusta el carro.

You likerepparttar 109301 table. Te gusta la mesa.

He likesrepparttar 109302 screen/monitor. Le gusta la pantalla. We likerepparttar 109303 bridge. Nos gusta el puente.

They like to lie. Les gusta mentir.

If you want to say "I likerepparttar 109304 dogs," a couple of changes have to take place. Can you guess what those changes are? Of course dog ("perro") must now become plural ("perros"). Butrepparttar 109305 article ("el") must also become plural ("los"). Andrepparttar 109306 verb must change from third person singular ("gusta") to third person plural ('gustan").

Let's try it:

I likerepparttar 109307 dogs. Me gustan los perros.

You likerepparttar 109308 lakes Te gustan los lagos.

She likesrepparttar 109309 streams Le gustan los arroyos.

We likerepparttar 109310 rivers. Nos gustan los ríos.

They likerepparttar 109311 waterfalls. Les gustan las cataratas.

The following isrepparttar 109312 manner that we add clarity or emphasis, or mentionrepparttar 109313 name ofrepparttar 109314 person or persons thatrepparttar 109315 object is pleasing to.

A Carlos le gusta nadar. Carlos likes to swim.

A mí me gusta la playa. I likerepparttar 109316 beach.

A ti te gusta la orilla del mar. You likerepparttar 109317 seashore.

Recommended Undergraduate Classes

Written by Andrea Jussim

In your college years, you should take classes to increase both your general knowledge (breadth) and your knowledge about a particular academic field (depth). I believe that there is enough time to take many classes in bothrepparttar breadth and depth groups. I've been out of college for more than a decade, and I still think aboutrepparttar 109291 classes I took and didn't take. Here, then, are my recommendations forrepparttar 109292 breadth courses.

Literature, Philosophy, Language, and Linguistics. --A year of English literature courses, surveying ancient to modern literature. --One Introduction to Western Philosophy course. --One Principles of Critical Reasoning or Principles of Argumentation course (a philosophy or speech course). --A year of a foreign language, unless you are fluent in a second language. --One Introduction to Linguistics course.

Visual and Musical Arts. --One Introduction to Art History course. --One Music Appreciation course or Introduction to Musical Theory course.

Social Sciences --A year of European History or World History courses, surveying ancient to modern history, unless you've learned European History or World History well in high school. --A year of American History courses, surveying colonial to modern history, unless you've learned American History well in high school. --One East Asian History survey course. --One Introduction to American Politics course. --One introductory course in psychology, sociology, communication studies, or anthropology. --One Introduction to Economics course (or maybe a Macroeconomics course and a Microeconomics course). --One Abnormal Psychology course. --One Introduction to Statistics course.

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