Learning How To Write

Written by Michael LaRocca

LEARNING HOW TO WRITE Copyright 2004, Michael LaRocca

As a student of Spanish, my goal was to think in Spanish. Skiprepparttar word-by-word translation so I'd haverepparttar 147465 necessary speed to speak and listen. I know words in Spanish that I'd be hard pressed to translate. Usually profanity, I confess. Chingow!

For years my students here in China have studied grammar, and know it better than you or I. They read. They write. But speaking involves moving faster than that. In conversation, we don't have time to write it first and make sure it's all grammatically flawless, then read it aloud, perhaps after a bit of rehearsal.

So, I try to give them a chance to practice putting words together onrepparttar 147466 fly, rules be damned. The rules they've internalized will kick in and keep them comprehensible, which will build their confidence in their ability to keep creating conversation that way.

This is not unlike what we go through as authors. First we study rulebooks, perhaps take some classes, and conclude just about everything we're is doing is wrong. So many rules to memorize. We might dread sitting down to write with all those constraints.

But really, it's not about memorizing rules at all. It's about internalizingrepparttar 147467 rules, following them (or not if you prefer) without being consciously aware of what they are. They're there, but inrepparttar 147468 background.

The story's what matters. You're supposed to be having fun, not "working." At least not duringrepparttar 147469 creation phase.

How to cash in on the huge online demand for writers

Written by Christopher Kyalo

Currently many online writers and would-be online writers, feel very much like folks in a ship that is out at sea somewhere but which has run out of drinking water. The fact is that although there is so much water everywhere, getting drinking water becomes a challenge becauserepparttar water is salty and probably needs some sort of purification and processing to be made drinkable.

That is exactly what ledrepparttar 147072 writer to pen those famous words, water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

The growth ofrepparttar 147073 net has been phenomenal. Every day new websites are launched and new blogs started. All of them without exception requirerepparttar 147074 services of a writer. In many casesrepparttar 147075 site owner doesrepparttar 147076 writing for themselves but quite often, whenrepparttar 147077 site becomes successful, they get too busy that they cannot keep up withrepparttar 147078 writing chores.

In many other cases,repparttar 147079 webmasters or blog owners cannot write and require somebody to write for them fromrepparttar 147080 inception ofrepparttar 147081 site.

The other factor is that articles posted at article directores and otyher sites have grown in importance as a tool to drive traffic to any website or blog. Not to mention as a tool in search engine optimization.

The result is that today, we haverepparttar 147082 largest and hungriest market for writers in history. Still many writers are finding it extremely difficult to get any online writing work. I know because these writers write to me and visit my blog every day.

One ofrepparttar 147083 bigest hindrances or obstacles standing inrepparttar 147084 way of writers securing writting assignments, isrepparttar 147085 fact thatrepparttar 147086 online rate of payment is ridioculously low, more so when compared with offline writing assignments. Many writers fail to realize thatrepparttar 147087 net is different and this huge market for writers is also different fromrepparttar 147088 offline media houses typically paying out a minimum of $500 for an article. Read my article on this subject at http://big-online-story.blogspot.com

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