Learning A Career In Freight Transportation Brokering.

Written by Maria De Suz

Training individualsrepparttar "Freight Transportation" business. Whether a driver wanting offrepparttar 109418 road or a mom wanting to stay at home withrepparttar 109419 children. This is how I got started in training others. In this business

The Egyptian Sphinx

Written by Dr.Sherin ElKhawaga

The Egyptian Sphinx

A great symbol of Ancient Egypt isrepparttar Sphinx. A magnificent monument carved out of living rock, sits outstandingly inrepparttar 109417 Giza Plateau.

It is a carving ofrepparttar 109418 body of a lion with a head of a king or god, symbolizing strength and wisdom. It is 200 feet long and 65 feet high with paws being 50 feet long. The body ofrepparttar 109419 sphinx was buried inrepparttar 109420 desert sand for thousands of years and only in 1905, about a century ago,repparttar 109421 sands has been cleared away from it. Thus,repparttar 109422 sphinx has several layers of erosions, those that are horizontal are due to sand and stone, while some are vertical due to water (probably rain) erosions.

It is believed thatrepparttar 109423 sphinx was built by king Khafre (Chephren 2558-2532B.C.) who was one of he 4th Dynasty kings and whomrepparttar 109424 2nd pyramid of Giza was built for him.

The sphinx faces due torepparttar 109425 east, torepparttar 109426 horizon and this has an astronomical belief torepparttar 109427 ancient Egyptians. It is also thought that it is a guardian ofrepparttar 109428 horizon forrepparttar 109429 later journey ofrepparttar 109430 kings inrepparttar 109431 life-after.

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