Learn to be Content

Written by Stanley T. Crawford

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Learn to be Content By Stanley T. Crawford

In Philippians 4:10-20, Paul points out that it is important for us to learn to be content. We should be content when things go our way, as when we have much; and when things do not go our way, as when we have little (vs. 11&12). Furthermore, our focus should be on Jesus Christ asrepparttar 127020 source of our strength. This is true whether we are being blessed with riches, or we have to rely on others in our time of need (vs. 13).

Also, Paul describes how God provided for him throughrepparttar 127021 Philippians (verses 14-20). In addition, he expresses his appreciation for their support. The Philippians supported him when others did not. As in Paul’s case, we should thank those who help us in our time of need. This is especially true since we don’t always know through whom God will work in order to meet our needs. Yet, we can be sure that God will meet our needs. The key here is “needs,” and who better knows our needs than God.

How Can You Say You Believe In God . . . .If you don't believe in yourself

Written by Jeannette Tyson Gregory

How Can You Say You Believe In God . . . .If you don't believe in Yourself? By Jeannette Tyson Gregory No matter how many workshops and seminars we provide for our youth, some are still walking away shaking their heads. They focus on weaknesses and disabilities, and their strengths and abilities go lacking. The images we have of ourselves are not self-images but how we are often seen throughrepparttar eyes of others.The average high school and college student will step on campus with some knowledge of who they are but will immediately transform into a stranger. Allow me to introduce to you that person that lies dormant onrepparttar 127019 inside screaming to be released. Listed below are a few questions that you can answer in your leisure time.1.Do you believe in yourself? 2.Are you confident of your abilities? 3.What isrepparttar 127020 biggest monster that lives inside of you? 4.Who Am I? 5.Do you recognizerepparttar 127021 potential in you? 6.Do you know how to speak torepparttar 127022 strongholds in your life? 7.Do you love yourself? When I was a child, I never doubted myself. I suffered from others not having faith in me or having doubts concerning my abilities. I had enough confidence for all ofrepparttar 127023 children around me and myself. Even in elementary school I had no problem speaking before large crowds. Fear rarely knocked at my door until others plantedrepparttar 127024 seed inside of me. Let's name that seed, Self Doubt. What do you see yourself as becoming? Who are you? (You become what you picture yourself to be). Sometimes we become what others expect us to be. If you see yourself as too short or too tall, too skinny or too fat, too light or too dark, your hair too short or too long, most likely you will begin to believe this about yourself.

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