Learn to Kayak on the West Coast

Written by Monica Marty

Do you live on or nearrepparttar West coast? Have you decided to try kayaking and feel you are in need of lessons? Or are you a veteran kayaker looking for a pulse racing adventure trip? Kayakers of all levels will want to check out Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips. Located in Lotus, California they kayak in Sacramento, San Francisco, Monterey and Sierra Nevada mountain areas. They lead kayak trips alongrepparttar 150032 West coast and in other countries such as New Zeeland, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Do you prefer to kayak on rivers or at sea? Either way, Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips will meet your needs. The kayaking school covers river and sea kayaking plus kayaking certification programs. Within each type of kayaking they offer a bevy of different levels. For example, river kayaking lessons consist of three skill levels and a fast track. There are special clinics such as rapid descent, roll classes, safety, and kayak polo.

Do you want to earn kayaking certifications? Do you need to train for a specific kayaking event? They have ample training and certifications available which include: ACA Instructor training, safety/rescue, Eppies Great Race training, and Adventure Race training. The ACA Instructor training covers river and surf kayaking through instructor development workshops. Instructor certification takes two days andrepparttar 150033 instructor development workshop last three days. The Eppies Great Race training can be completed in either four or six sessions. The Adventure Racing training consists of a one day training session. After which, you will be certified forrepparttar 150034 paddling portion ofrepparttar 150035 adventure race.

Experience Maine with Coastal Kayaking Tours

Written by Monica Marty

Are you an avid kayaker? Do you love to travel? Are you searching for a way to experience sea kayaking while taking inrepparttar scenic views ofrepparttar 150031 Eastern U.S. coast? Then sea kayaking in Maine is right up your alley. Set your sites forrepparttar 150032 Maine. It has a striking coastline and waters sure to satisfy any kayaker.

Instead of arbitrarily dropping your kayak inrepparttar 150033 sea off of Maineís coast, take a moment to considerrepparttar 150034 services of Coastal Kayaking Tours. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine this outfitter provides guided sea kayaking tours. The company has been inrepparttar 150035 kayak business for over twenty years and promotes an atmosphere of fun and adventure.

Have you just started kayaking and are hesitant about paddling onrepparttar 150036 sea coast? Donít worry. Coastal Kayaking Tours provides kayak tours for kayakers of all levels. They have sunset and harbor trips as well as extended camping adventures. Looking for shorter trips? They have half day and full day trips available. Do you want to kayak with your family or are you planning a company retreat? Family and group kayaking tour packages are also offered. All kayaking levels and trip plans can be accommodated through Coastal Kayaking Tours.

Are you new to kayaking and need to purchase a kayak? Coastal Kayaking Tours sells used kayaks that are affordable and of high quality. You can also purchase other kayaking equipment such as life vests, paddles, and spray skirts.

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