Learn some feng shui guidelines for your children's room

Written by Jakob Jelling

Feng shui indicates some specific guidelines regarding children's spaces and bedrooms. The way we decorate them andrepparttar way we distributerepparttar 116112 furniture should be done by following those principles in order to achieve harmony and help your children feel comfortable in that space.

One first important aspect to have into account about a child's room isrepparttar 116113 colors within it. You should pay special attention torepparttar 116114 colors you choose for this space, not only forrepparttar 116115 walls but forrepparttar 116116 decoration in general. According to feng shui, a child's room should be in earth colors such as light oranges, terracotta or warm yellows. These colors would make them feel safe.

Colors that are cold, such as blue or gray shades should never predominate in a child's room, since they could bring them insecurity feelings. Besides,repparttar 116117 wall and furniture colors should be in balance as well. It is also important to remark that too bright colors are not recommended for a child's bedroom.

If your child is very active, you should balance this throughrepparttar 116118 colors you choose for his bedroom; they should be light and relaxing colors such as beiges or very light oranges. Onrepparttar 116119 other hand, if your child is quiet, you should choose warm orange or yellow colors which would be in balance his personality.


Written by by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "Ice Originals II"

There is always a large debate betweenrepparttar “real” collectors, and your basic lover of beautiful items...should you buy items that are signed by well known and highly sought after designers and artists, or should you just buy what you love and what appeals to you, whether signed or not?

The answer usually lies in how fat your wallet is, andrepparttar 116111 reason you are buying inrepparttar 116112 first place. Highly sought after designers, especially in jewelry and art, are both usually very highly over-priced, as well as you often runrepparttar 116113 risk of getting a “knock-off” either atrepparttar 116114 ignorance ofrepparttar 116115 seller, orrepparttar 116116 actual attempt to lead you astray of your hard-earned money. While I am on this subject, it amazes me that people will pass up a signed piece, if priced reasonably or even a real steal, to go on and pay a higher price forrepparttar 116117 same identical item, just because it feels more “authentic” if you paidrepparttar 116118 higher price! Either these people know something that I don’t, (which is entirely possible, I don’t claim to be an expert) or they have much more money to throw around than I do! I have a suspicion that it is mostlyrepparttar 116119 fact that they can tell others what a sacrifice they made to ownrepparttar 116120 item. In my books, why not save $30.00 or $40.00 on an identical item, if it is truly identical and authentic, if you haverepparttar 116121 opportunity? I have watched this happen repeatedly, especially inrepparttar 116122 jewelry department, and it still amazes me!

If you are buying an item because it appeals to you, whether signed or not, and is something that you feel you will enjoy looking at, wearing, or even admit owning, for at leastrepparttar 116123 next 5 years, I say-”Go ahead and buy it.” The reasoning behind that is, whether signed or not, you will be buying forrepparttar 116124 exact reasonrepparttar 116125 item was created inrepparttar 116126 first place-for your enjoyment! Plus, who knows what will happen inrepparttar 116127 future? The very item or category of items you decided to purchase may just becomerepparttar 116128 next “hot item” and suddenly that little pair of earrings you paid $15.00 for are suddenly worth three times that amount inrepparttar 116129 collectible market! Inrepparttar 116130 event that doesn’t happen, you will still have an item that you don’t feel you paid too much for, you still enjoy it, and it appeals to your aesthetic senses. Also, beware of “fad collectibles”! Rememberrepparttar 116131 Beanie Baby craze,repparttar 116132 Cabbage Patch Kids that people were fighting over, andrepparttar 116133 myriad of other “collectibles” that have come and gone? If you got caught up in one of those, and now you can’t even give those items away, much less get what you paid for them, don’t you feel a little silly? I know that I do, I have a few “Beanies” laying aroundrepparttar 116134 house that still get under my skin. Luckily I mostly bought them because my children wanted them, so it wasn’t forrepparttar 116135 possible profit I might make inrepparttar 116136 future, and I wasn’t an avid collector, ready to pay several hundred dollars for a stuffed animal that was mass produced!

Now, when it comes to Art, I am a very vocal advocate forrepparttar 116137 “unknown artist”. You are probably thinking, “Well, I’m sure she is! She is trying to promote her own and her husband’s art, as well as other Artisans and Artist out there that no one has heard of, so she can make some money!” Actually that is partiallyrepparttar 116138 reason, and I will admit to it. I would be a fool to not try to promote someone who truly shows great talent, wants a more personal working relationship and outlet for their work than a gallery, and will realize more “clear money” from their efforts than they would get from most mainstream alternatives. The idea of trying to get an agent, approaching a gallery, entering juried shows, allrepparttar 116139 usual formats that an Artist goes through to try to achieverepparttar 116140 elusive label of “listed” someday, are absolutely terrifying to me, and deep down, I feel they are both unnecessary, and ultimately pretentious. Doesrepparttar 116141 fact that one Artist or Artisan is well known and listed make their art any more desirable to look at? Does it mean they are more talented than and unknown? Of course not! It just means thatrepparttar 116142 Artist/Artisan has chosen to forge their own path for success, rather than takingrepparttar 116143 mainstream approach. It also means that you will probably take longer to become successful, because in

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