Learn all about feng shui money trees

Written by Jakob Jelling

A feng shui money tree is an indoor plant used in order to attract prosperity and wealth into any space. The feng shui money tree's botanical name is Pachira, and its care requiresrepparttar average sun light and watering that any other indoor plant would need. Its height can reach to as much as seven feet while it can reach to be as much as three feet wide.

The shape of these plant's leafs representrepparttar 116130 five main elements of feng shui, wood, water, earth, fire and metal, and this is what makesrepparttar 116131 feng shui money tree so symbolic. When an element is missing, orrepparttar 116132 elements in a space are not balanced, a feng shui money tree would help adding what is missing harmonizingrepparttar 116133 elements.

Since feng shui money trees bring or increase wealth, they are ideal to place near a place where money is kept or nearrepparttar 116134 cash registers in businesses. Prosperity and wealth, as well as elements harmonization should come after placing this plant at those spots. Any other place where money and wealth is needed can be a good place for a feng shui money tree as well.

Feng shui money trees can also be strategically placed according torepparttar 116135 house areas indicated byrepparttar 116136 bagua map. The bagua map northwest corner corresponds torepparttar 116137 prosperity area of life, and this could be an ideal place for a feng shui money tree to be. Since it brings prosperity, you can also help attracting this factor to any other area of your life by placingrepparttar 116138 feng shui tree atrepparttar 116139 house area which corresponds to it.

Using a feng shui compass

Written by Jakob Jelling

What should you look for in a feng shui compass and how should you use it?

A feng shui compass is a very helpful element when it comes to finding outrepparttar location and orientation of a house or building. It will allow you to apply feng shui guidelines in an accurate manner since it will provide you with knowledge onrepparttar 116129 exact orientation your house has.

There are different kinds of compasses, andrepparttar 116130 most useful feng shui compass you can find isrepparttar 116131 one which allow you to look atrepparttar 116132 numbers it shows atrepparttar 116133 same time than you look atrepparttar 116134 building and keep aligned with it. Other kinds of feng shui compasses,repparttar 116135 most traditional ones, require you to look down in order to watchrepparttar 116136 numbers they show, and this is not as helpful as if you can watch them while keeping your sight up.

A traditional feng shui compass' name is "Lo Pan", "Lo" hasrepparttar 116137 meaning of "everything" and "Pan" means "bowl", andrepparttar 116138 correct interpretation ofrepparttar 116139 term means a bowl which allows you to have access torepparttar 116140 universe mysteries. This feng shui compass is also known asrepparttar 116141 traditional Chinese geomantic compass.

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