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Written by Corri Saddler

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The Power of Viral Marketing

Written by Peter Dobler

When I first heard ofrepparttar term Viral Marketing I thought immediately of a virus. No, notrepparttar 142045 flu, a computer virus. I avoided viral marketing likerepparttar 142046 plaque. Iím sure many of you are doingrepparttar 142047 same thing. Every email labeled viral marketing got trashed and I immediately run an anti virus check on my computer.

I actually took me long time andrepparttar 142048 convincing words of a dear friend of mine to change my attitude towards viral marketing. Call it ignorance, but I just didnít haverepparttar 142049 confidence in something that sounds like it wants to harm me.

Today my whole world changed and now Iím an active advocate to promote viral marketing. The concept is not new and it was created byrepparttar 142050 brightest minds inrepparttar 142051 business.

Viral marketing capitalizes inrepparttar 142052 sharing habits ofrepparttar 142053 human beings. Itís quite extraordinary. We all tent to share with friends and familyrepparttar 142054 bargains or freebies we were able to get. If we can copyrepparttar 142055 freebie we will do it and give it to our friends and family. Takerepparttar 142056 music industry as an example.

Ok, we established that viral marketing is giving out free stuff and that this free stuff will be passed around. So how do you capitalize on something everybody expects to get for free? You donít. You just userepparttar 142057 freebie as an advertising vehicle.

See, once you started giving out software or a book for free, it will snowball from there. Granted thatrepparttar 142058 software is any good andrepparttar 142059 book provides some value. There is no telling on how many copies of your software or book will float throughrepparttar 142060 internet. The only thing you now for sure, it takes some time to gain momentum.

Take Hotmail as an example. Hotmail build its empire solely on viral marketing. Every email you send had a little line atrepparttar 142061 end advertising free email from Hotmail. Thatís it. No expensive marketing strategy, no TV ads, nothing but a little advertising line atrepparttar 142062 end of every email. It took years of building momentum, but today Hotmail is a giant pulling in billions of dollars every year.

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