Learn How To Succeed At Career Fairs

Written by Nathan Newberger

This http://www.WorkTree.com career article will give you some great tips on successfully navigating thru career fairs. This issue will quickly coverrepparttar following:

A) Purpose of Career Fairs B) How To Best Prepare C) Tips & Strategies During The Fair D) Career Fair Follow-Up

A) PURPOSE OF CAREER FAIRS ========================== Career fairs are designed to provide job seekers a way to explore career opportunities within a variety of companies at one location. Job seekers should take advantage of these fairs to be better informed aboutrepparttar 136712 job market. Career fairs must be a part of your overall job search process. It’s a great way to learn about job openings, research companies and practice your interviewing and networking skills.

B) HOW TO BEST PREPARE ========================== Its important to makerepparttar 136713 most of your time at career fairs. There will be many employers and even more job seekers vying for attention so its critical that you prepare in advance of setting foot intorepparttar 136714 career fair.

Here are 5 tips that can help you be well prepared:

#1 - PRIORITIZE Find out what companies are going to be attending prior torepparttar 136715 day ofrepparttar 136716 career fair and identify and prioritizerepparttar 136717 top companies that you definitely want to visit.

#2 - RESEARCH Spend a little time researching these companies;repparttar 136718 more you knowrepparttar 136719 better. Userepparttar 136720 Internet, library, etc. Employers love talking to candidates who are familiar with their company and business. It also makes you look smart. Candidates who are knowledgeable about a company come across as intelligent and interested.

#3 - YOUR RESUME Create and/or refine your resume and bring many, many clean, crisp copies to handout. This is very imporant!

#4 - APPROACH Create a one-minute introduction that summarizes your skills, goals, experience, etc. Practice this until you are comfortable using this as your opening. The career fair will present many mini interviews and you need to be prepared for this. Anticipate interview questions and practice your responses.

#5 - APPEARANCE Dress professionally – don’t wear shorts and sandals. Use good judgement in what you wear and project professionalism. Bring a nice folder to carry your resumes and a notepad and pen for taking notes.

C) TIPS & STRATEGIES DURING THE FAIR ==================================== Follow these tips below and you are on your way to a more productive career fair.

- Relax and plan on spending time atrepparttar 136721 fair. Career fairs are not that frequent so plan your time well. Try to avoid standing in long lines. Go early if possible becauserepparttar 136722 first hour is usuallyrepparttar 136723 slowest.

- Always request business cards or at least get an email address so that you can follow-up and pursue leads.

- When you get to actually talk to a company representative – remember to shake hands firmly and introduce yourself. This is your chance to makerepparttar 136724 best first impression.

Hollander Consultants Hires Successful Business Owner as New Consultant

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Bell Bockus joins Hollander Consultants

PORTLAND, OR: Hollander Consultants has just hired Bell Bockus as a new consultant to help handlerepparttar delivery demands necessitated fromrepparttar 136711 company’s recent record expansion. Hollander Consultants ended last year withrepparttar 136712 statistically most productive year inrepparttar 136713 history ofrepparttar 136714 company.

Fred King, CEO for Hollander Consultants, said, “This year will again berepparttar 136715 greatest year ever for Hollander Consultants in terms of expansion and growth. Bell Bockus is certainly a welcome addition. As we expand, we will continue to add more professionals to our team.”

Bockus, a native Oregonian from Bend who moved to Portland in 1987, has been very successful in her own businesses, and thus came to Hollander Consultants’ attention as a potential addition to its team of professional consultants. Proven success in business isrepparttar 136716 key elementrepparttar 136717 company looks for when hiring new consultants.

Eric Korb, who oversees all of Hollander Consultants client delivery, in commenting on Ms Bockus’ hiring said, “We have found that a track record of proven business success, rather than any specific degree, isrepparttar 136718 key factor that determines how effective our consultants are. We therefore base our hiring on this important factor and Bell certainly fits that mold.”

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