Learn How To Hide Files and Folders On Your Computer

Written by Michael D. Fischer

Do you have files and documents that are very sensitive on your computer that you wish you could hide from others? Chances are you do. You may have important work documents that you need to keep away from your kids or a secret letter you need hidden from your spouse. In any case, there are several ways to hide these documents of interest.

SEOWave Internet Solutions has developed software to help consumers hide their private documents and files. "We determined through research that users wanted an easier way to secure private documents using an easy, step-by-step secure software system" said Michael D. Fischer, SEOWave.com. "There were several ways to hide files. We wanted to create a simple, yet effective way to hide files for consumers."

The Windows based program is called FileHidingSoftware.com (http://www.filehidingsoftware.com).

There are other ways to hide software on your computer. For instance you could:

1. Save your documents to a floppy disk or CD.

2. If you have a website, you could uploadrepparttar information to a directory. There are several programs that will allow you to upload your files. IPSwitch (http://www.ipswitch.com) and Simple FTP Client (http://www.simple-ftp-client.com) (Don't forget to password protect your website's directory!)

PDA vs Laptops

Written by Ian Tham

PDA vs Laptops


The marketplace for mobile devices  is always evolving.

PDA can now do a myriad of functions from email, web browsing,Wi-Fi, cameras, music, mobile telephony, word processing, spreadsheets, GPS and many more

A PDA scores in these areas:

  • The trend is towards smaller and smaller handheld gadgets.
  • Its small size allowing you to carry it anywhere with convenience. You can just slip it in your pocket and when there is a need just pop it out and do your work or play. A typical PDA  weighs less than 200 grams compared to an ultra -light notebook which weighs at least a kilogram.
  • When you are out inrepparttar field for critical operations ,repparttar 149894 last thing you need is a laptop out of power. A normal laptop lastsrepparttar 149895 most 5 or 6 hours whereas some PDA accommodate AAA batteries which easily last for a month. You won't fall flat during critical operation.
  •  A PDA is understandably cheaper than a laptop. A PDA can cost 500 dollars whereas Laptops can cost as much as $ 3,000. PDA software is also more affordable than Laptop software.

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