Learn From Your Mistakes

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

As we go through life, we are faced with many obstacles, and sometimes we makerepparttar wrong decision, assumption, and sometimes we just simply make mistakes. We are all human, we all make mistakes and in reality we all can learn from them.

After making a mistake, its normal to feel bad about what we did. We wonder how or why we made that mistake, regretting it, and sometimes we may even dwell on it torepparttar 148892 point of feeling depressed. Of course its ok to feel bad about it, but donít feel bad for too long because life does go on.

Throughrepparttar 148893 years I have learned to look at my mistakes and turn them into a lesson for myself, a positive lesson. No matter whatrepparttar 148894 situation is, I learn and grow from it, and if ever put inrepparttar 148895 same situation again,repparttar 148896 outcome is a more positive one.

How Are Ugg Boots Are Made?

Written by Geoff Sharp

Well we all know about this Ugg Boots fashion craze that's hitrepparttar world don't we? Those ugly fluffy looking boots that originate from Australia. But how isrepparttar 148726 humble Ugg Boot made?

The number one essential factor needed for manufacturing a genuine Australian Ugg Boot isrepparttar 148727 material (the sheepskin hide).

You may be aware that their are plenty of different ugg boots styles popping up onrepparttar 148728 internet these days. If you do a few basic searches onrepparttar 148729 net you will find yourself a cheap pair of non-authentic uggs somewhere, but let me tell you 99% of ugg boots sold onrepparttar 148730 internet are made in china. China made Australian ugg boots? Hmm how doess that work? Anyway these China boots are maufactured using inferior sheepskin internal material and probably suede external material which doesn't allowrepparttar 148731 boot to breath and leaves you with a smelly boot you wont want to put back on after 4-5 wears.

These china made copies just dont stand up torepparttar 148732 Genuine Australian Made Boot. So one things for sure if your interested in buying a pair of sheepskin ugg boots onrepparttar 148733 internet or anywhere for that matters, dont try to save a dollor or two when purchasing your boots?

If you want a boot that's warm in winter cool in summer then you must insist on a boot manufactured with Genuine Australian double faced Sheepskin preferbly Australian Merino Sheepskin.

One ofrepparttar 148734 questions often asked about ugg boots is:

Do you have to really killrepparttar 148735 poor sheep just to make a pair of sheepskin boots?

The answer is NO. Not one sheep has to be slaughted to obtain their hide and fleece. The sheepskins are shawn ofrepparttar 148736 sheep back andrepparttar 148737 sheep regrow their fleece just like humans do hair. It's completely painless forrepparttar 148738 sheep. I've been told by a few old school ugg manufaturers thatrepparttar 148739 sheep actually likerepparttar 148740 experience of feeling free and would prefer to be shawn rather than have to carry a thick thick woolen coat around with them inrepparttar 148741 hot Summer.

Oncerepparttar 148742 sheepskin hides are taken fromrepparttar 148743 sheep thenrepparttar 148744 process of preparingrepparttar 148745 hide for manufacturers and ensuringrepparttar 148746 hides are up to export standard begins.

Woolskins are usually preserved with salt prior to being processed by tanneries. Atrepparttar 148747 tanneryrepparttar 148748 skins are processed in large vessels called paddles which vary in capacity from 3000 to 15000 litres. In contrast to hide processing, in woolskin processing mechanical action is kept to a minimum in order to minimise felting ofrepparttar 148749 wool. Rotating blades onrepparttar 148750 paddles moverepparttar 148751 skins slowly and gently, and processing is performed at much higher float ratios (typically 20-35 litres of water per skin) than are used in hide processing.

Typically it takes about 10 working days forrepparttar 148752 skins to be tanned and finished ready to be cut into panels for ugg boots.

Step 1. Tanning/ Processing

Soaking (16 hours) - The skins are rinsed in cold water to remove excess salt and dirt fromrepparttar 148753 wool and pelt. Rehydration (soaking) ofrepparttar 148754 pelt takes place in a fresh cold water float overnight.

Fleshing - The skins are fleshed using a fleshing machine which removes excess fat and muscle tissue fromrepparttar 148755 back ofrepparttar 148756 skins. This allows for more rapid and complete penetration of chemicals inrepparttar 148757 later stages of processing, particularly during pickling and tanning.

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