"Learn From Their Multi-Million Dollar Mistakes!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Here is a classic example of what NOT to do when conducting business online. That is, unless you can afford to throw away millions of dollars.

Have you seen those ads by x10 for that tiny camera that you can hook up to your computer?

It is estimated that as many as 1/3 of ALL people surfing online have been exposed to their advertising campaign. Those are HUGE numbers.

Visit their web site if you need to refresh your memory of them and their ads: http://www.x10.com/

If they were to be judged by exposure alone, then you might think thatrepparttar advertising campaign has been a great success.

However, it has largely failed to convert surfers to buyers and that isrepparttar 119400 true test of a successful online ad campaign.

So what happened to x10?

They sunk an enormous amount of money and faith inrepparttar 119401 pop-under window form of advertising through Yahoo,repparttar 119402 online version ofrepparttar 119403 New York Times, atrepparttar 119404 MSN web site and viarepparttar 119405 pop-up window that opens as you download something offrepparttar 119406 Internet.

The pop-under or pop-over windows are not a problem in and of themselves. The problem with x10 seems to have beenrepparttar 119407 narrow focus of their product offering.

X10 has too narrow a focus.

They are getting a lot of hits on their web site with over 25 million visitors monthly. Yet 70% of their visitors leave inrepparttar 119408 first 20 seconds!

That is a LOUD chorus of people saying they find NOTHING of interest or value at that web site.

It says a great deal aboutrepparttar 119409 products they offer andrepparttar 119410 design of their web site.

Since then, x10 has tried to bring in a slightly larger range of products but it still seems very narrow.

What went wrong?

X10 failed to partner with a significant array of related online businesses that could have brought it an added source of revenue via commissions.

Such a huge flow of traffic and they cannot tap intorepparttar 119411 pocketbooks of their visitors.

Even small business online can partner withrepparttar 119412 likes of Dell Computer, Delta Airlines, Visa Nextcard and American Express through such affiliate programs as are offered by Linkshare, http://www.linkshare.com/

From 0 To 1200 Visitors A Day! A Tried & True Quick Start Guide

Written by Rafael Aguilo

Here's how I did it. You can do it too!

<> Goal: Increase Targeted Traffic <> The Website: Learn Internet Marketing <> Target Market: Internet Marketing Beginners <> Original Traffic: 0 (5/99) <> Traffic/Day Before 'Pull' Approach: 450 <> Peak Traffic: 2,079 (2/6/00) <> Average Traffic/Day: 1,200

Inrepparttar beginning, I followed allrepparttar 119399 'accepted' ways of promoting my Website. My own E-zine, a membership only Website (with Opt-In EMail collection), my own banner network, classifieds, exchanges, the-yada-yada-what-have-you-it's-the- last-trick-in-the-book...really! Well, I think you getrepparttar 119400 idea.

Traffic climbed steadily from 0 to about 450 visitors a day. Still, traffic increase was too slow.

I decided to change fromrepparttar 119401 'push' torepparttar 119402 'pull' model.

I tried to find an answer torepparttar 119403 Question: What Are People SEARCHING FOR? To find out, I subscribed to two keyword and search terms report services. They furnish you with a report onrepparttar 119404 most used keywords and search terms. Both are FREE.

WordsSpot 200


Weekly top 500 Wordtracker keyword report

What came up is that one of The Most Used Keywords is: FREE.

I tracked other trends and decided onrepparttar 119405 following:

Give my Target Market what they are SEARCHING FOR in Free Information form! However, you must have in mind that all Free information is NOT Valuable, and can do you more HARM than GOOD!

Stay with me, and later on I'll give yourepparttar 119406 KEY to Giving Away FREE Information EFFECTIVELY.


I went ahead and produced UNIQUE Free Content that would interest those SEARCHING for ways to:

1. Learn Basic Internet Marketing FREE. 2. REALLY Make Money Online, and do it basically FREE!

To accomplish this, I created Free Online Courses and E-Books (which I produce with E-ditor Pro. You CAN'T Miss with this one!)

Some examples:

1. A Free Internet Marketing Course for Beginners (You must become a member first, and even membership is FREE)

2. Hot Free E-Book Downloads like: EBay Exposed!...How To Sell On EBay.

3. Five FREE Gifts just for visitingrepparttar 119407 Website.

4. Your Choice Of A Free Online Course or E-Book: "How to Succeed In A Paid To Surf Program. The Secrets Revealed!" I call it: The Most Valuable FREEbie you'll EVER Get! It's an easy to use, REAL HELP resource forrepparttar 119408 little Guy & Gal who wants to make money online.

This,and my invention: The Current Link(tm) System, are responsible for creatingrepparttar 119409 Biggest Surge In Daily Traffic to my Website EVER!

5. Andrepparttar 119410 latest FREE addition is: "The Idiot-Proof Way To Make Money Online" It's available: Online, downloadable E-Book, or TXT file. One ofrepparttar 119411 sections covers how to save up to $120/year on your AOL account.

I also maintain Strategic Link Exchanges with TOP Freebie Sites, submit original articles (like this one) to many internet marketing EZines, and publish related articles submitted by other successful Webmasters.

The Results?

Traffic SHOT up to an average of 1200+ visitors a day! FREE Memberships To The Learn Internet Marketing Website and Current Link(tm) System are way up!

All achieved by GIVING People what they are SEARCHING FOR!

People have liked this approach and, as a bonus to me, they let their friends know about it. If this sounds like 'viral marketing' it's because it is! The results speak for themselves!

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