Leading by Teaching

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Building a successful MLM organization requiresrepparttar development of many skills. Two ofrepparttar 122607 primary skills are leadership and training.

To be effective in any MLM venture, you must first become knowledgeable of your opportunities product and/or service. Your first priority is to become an Expert in your particular field.

In addition to becoming knowledgeable of your business,repparttar 122608 acquiring of self-development skills offers yourepparttar 122609 learning ofrepparttar 122610 laws of nature, repparttar 122611 principles of success. Principles which when applied, brings significant results.

To take this growth to a higher level, duplicate it by teaching it to your downline. Teaching can be accomplished in various forms. You can teach through email correspondences, verbal communication, and very importantly through your actions.

For example, if you came across information which has been beneficial to you in prospecting, why not pass it on to your downline. Or let's say a member of your downline is having some difficulty with follow-up, why not come along side them and show themrepparttar 122612 techniques that are effective for you? How about actively participating in your opportunities conference calls and inviting your downlines to join you? Their success, is your success.

Winning Your Prospect Through Effective Follow-up

Written by Lois R. Thompson

Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up! and Follow-up again. Here online people are most reluctant to just jump in and buy your offer first time around. They need to Know that you have their best interest in mind and not simply your own. Research shows thatrepparttar Key torepparttar 122606 sale is inrepparttar 122607 follow-up.

Here are a few ways to provide effective, sale closing follow-up: * A good Autoresponder which allows for 7-10 follow-ups ...highlighting whats in it for them'. Your prospects need to seerepparttar 122608 benefits to Them! * A Sales Letter with a call to action, but of passion and a genuine interest inrepparttar 122609 prospects success. * Established credibility with you. This can be through a ezine/newsletter or just frequent updated offering information of value. * Availability and timely response to their inquires. * Expression of a genuine interest in them and their success. * Honesty!

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