Leadership Skills for Challenging Times

Written by Ed Sykes

Leadership Skills for Challenging Times By Ed Sykes ©2003

We consistently face new and ever growing challenges inrepparttar workplace such as reorganizing, downsizing, and “left out sizing.” We are faced withrepparttar 119522 question, “How do we lead in this storm of change?” It may seem difficult at times andrepparttar 119523 decisions we make define our short-term and long-term outcomes. I will share with you five leadership techniques guaranteed to keep you on track during these difficult times.

* Integrity. I put this first becauserepparttar 119524 lack of integrity will make or break you as a professional, as a leader, as a person inrepparttar 119525 long run. The lack of this will turn yesterday’s heroes in today’s villains. For example, “MCI wasrepparttar 119526 apple ofrepparttar 119527 business community’s eye. High revenues, high profits, and high growth; MCI was beatingrepparttar 119528 competition hands down. Then it was discovered that there were gross accounting irregularities that accounted forrepparttar 119529 astounding profits. You see, management made a decision, “Do I continue to sustain good growth and be able to look at myself inrepparttar 119530 mirror or do I cookrepparttar 119531 accounting books and spendrepparttar 119532 rest of my time covering up this integrity deficiency? The real shame ofrepparttar 119533 MCI situation was that AT&T, Sprint, and others inrepparttar 119534 industry had to cut costs and lay off thousands of employees to compete with MCI’s false numbers. The lack of integrity at MCI not only affectedrepparttar 119535 company but alsorepparttar 119536 livelihood of thousands andrepparttar 119537 industry as a whole. I was recently speaking with a recently retired City Council member who is well respected inrepparttar 119538 community. I asked her whatrepparttar 119539 secret was to her success while onrepparttar 119540 council? She mentioned that one of her political adversaries said to her, “While you were onrepparttar 119541 council, I didn’t likerepparttar 119542 way you voted, but I respectedrepparttar 119543 way you voted because you were consistent with your votes and hadrepparttar 119544 city’s best interest in mind.” Ask yourself what decisions that you make are right forrepparttar 119545 long term? Be consistent in your actions, whether it is with management, your team, or your family.

* Knowledge. With change happening faster and faster every moment, it is extremely important that you gainrepparttar 119546 knowledge to master these changes. You owe it not only to yourself, but to your team and management. As I always say, “It’s not havingrepparttar 119547 right answer, it’s that you haverepparttar 119548 right answer faster than before.” Many times during my teambuilding programs a student will say, “I didn’t know where to findrepparttar 119549 answer.” Then I will say, “That is an unacceptable answer.” Because part of being a leader is acquiringrepparttar 119550 skills to findrepparttar 119551 right answers. Withrepparttar 119552 Internet, classroom and online training, mentors, etc.,repparttar 119553 knowledge is at your fingertips. Challenge your team members to userepparttar 119554 same resources to acquirerepparttar 119555 knowledge to master their challenges. By acquiring this knowledge, you will be able to navigate your team throughrepparttar 119556 ocean of change and achieve your goals.

* Decisiveness. You have seen them. They wait for information, then more information before making a decision. Then they need more information to supportrepparttar 119557 information they already have. Then they need a committee to analyzerepparttar 119558 information. Then they wait forrepparttar 119559 perfect time to makerepparttar 119560 decision. Well, you know what I mean. Anyone you know? Makerepparttar 119561 decision! Good things happen when you take action; you grow, you adapt, and your team grows. There is no perfect time to make a decision. Leaders make decisions based on past experience, putting into actionrepparttar 119562 decision, and staying and adaptingrepparttar 119563 decision if needed. But makerepparttar 119564 decision. The worst quality you can show your team is indecision. What do you think your team sees when you can’t make a decision? Makerepparttar 119565 decision and go for it.

How Appetizing is Your Feedback?

Written by Ed Sykes

Recently, I was watching a rerun ofrepparttar successful television show, The Cosby Show. The patriarch of this professional family (He is a doctor and his wife is a lawyer.) played by Bill Cosby, was just told by his college-bound daughter thatrepparttar 119521 boyfriend she brought home to meet him was really her fiancé. He was disappointed withrepparttar 119522 news. Disappointed not inrepparttar 119523 young man or what he did (he was a “maintenance engineer”), but inrepparttar 119524 way he was told about this engagement.

Mr. Cosby said thatrepparttar 119525 way he was told was like taking a sizzling, delicious, robust T-bone steak and serving it on a garbage can lid. It’s not too appetizing. You knowrepparttar 119526 steak is delicious, but would we really want to eat it? It’s not too appetizing.

I ask you, when you give feedback, do you make it appetizing forrepparttar 119527 receiver ofrepparttar 119528 feedback? Or do you make your “steak” indigestible? We can be giving great feedback everyday and, unless we make it appetizing so others will digest it, our feedback will not acted upon.

The following are ten techniques for making your feedback more appetizing:

1. Prep for a Great Meal Just as you would prep for a great meal, you should prepare to give feedback. Mentally go overrepparttar 119529 following:

* Isrepparttar 119530 feedback important? * What do I want to accomplish withrepparttar 119531 feedback? * Who arerepparttar 119532 persons I will be givingrepparttar 119533 feedback to? * How will they take my feedback? How can I make my feedback more appetizing for them? * How have they taken feedback inrepparttar 119534 past? * Is there someone better I can enlist to “serve”repparttar 119535 feedback?

Just as you would expect to produce a great meal, mentally expect to have a great feedback session. Take time to visualizerepparttar 119536 positive interaction and results by givingrepparttar 119537 feedback. Know that you will improverepparttar 119538 lives of those you give feedback to and how you will accomplish your goals.

Note: Remember, all feedback, withrepparttar 119539 goal of improving another individual or situation, is positive. It’s when we are not receiving or giving constant feedback that situations turn negative due to misunderstandings.

2. Timing Is All Important for a Great Meal Make sure you are givingrepparttar 119540 feedback when it is needed. Giving feedback too long after there is need will diluterepparttar 119541 “hunger” forrepparttar 119542 feedback. Giving feedback too early when there is no “hunger” forrepparttar 119543 feedback will allow your meal, your feedback, to go to waste and not haverepparttar 119544 impact on behavior that you need.

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