Leadership Coaching at Gettysburg

Written by CMOE Development Team

The battle at Gettysburg is one ofrepparttar most notable events in U.S. History. It is a battle where more lives were taken than in any other battle in North America. In this small farming community in 1863, George Meade’s Union Army comprising of 90,000 troops met Robert Lee’s Confederate Army of 75,000. We can read volumes of literature and accounts of heroes, leaders, front-line soldiers and others directly and indirectly impacted byrepparttar 141783 event. Certainly there are incredible leadership coaching and other lessons fromrepparttar 141784 lives of these men and women andrepparttar 141785 strategic events which becamerepparttar 141786 critical turning point inrepparttar 141787 Civil War.

Onrepparttar 141788 morning ofrepparttar 141789 first day ofrepparttar 141790 three day battle, Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain was faced with a coaching and influence opportunity. Asrepparttar 141791 sun was coming overrepparttar 141792 horizon, Joshua L. Chamberlain stood before a group of tired soldiers fromrepparttar 141793 Second Maine Brigade. At that point, these men had been participating in heavy battle for weeks and were seeking mutiny. However, due torepparttar 141794 number of casualties prior to Gettysburg, their service at this time was desperately needed. Chamberlain explained that he had been instructed to “order” these men to joinrepparttar 141795 brigade or they would be shot. Yet, he calmly informedrepparttar 141796 troops that he did not plan to follow this instruction. He recognized their suffering, and then explainedrepparttar 141797 necessity of their military service andrepparttar 141798 role they could play. Chamberlain eloquently proceeded to instill a renewed purpose in these men, helping them to remember why they were involved and had originally enlisted. He referred to their fellow soldiers who maderepparttar 141799 ultimate sacrifice. He sought their commitment to move forward with conviction. “If we lose you, we loserepparttar 141800 war, if you join us, I will be grateful.” To conclude, he proposed a powerful idea: “Join us,” and if so,repparttar 141801 situation (the mutiny) would not be revisited. If they chose not to join, he would seek fair treatment in their behalf. “We are moving out” he concluded, and gave them an opportunity to ponder and determine where their commitment would lie.

Parents returning to work: how to balance work and family life

Written by Scott Brown

While we usually focus onrepparttar actual act of job searching and career advancement in these articles, there are some other issues that can have a big impact on your career and are worth investigating. One such issue is balancing family obligations with those of your career. Raising children is a big job- a full time job in itself. If you have children or are about to, read on for some helpful tips. If your family is taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on your career without worrying about what’s going at home.

Where to leave your children after school

Duringrepparttar 141765 day, you know your kids are taken care of at least until 3:00 PM. But after school ends, you’re going to need some kind of daycare that will keep your little ones busy until you get off of work. Here are some ideas to help you jumpstart your back to work plan:

*There are people who can help. If you’re new to a town or community or just don’t know where to go, start with your child’s school. Many public schools offer after school programs for students that will not only keep them busy, but help them with their homework and enrich their overall social and academic skills. *Network with other parents. Chances are, a lot of your child’s friends and classmates have parents inrepparttar 141766 same boat as you. Contact them for ideas or try and set up an exchange whererepparttar 141767 two of you take turns withrepparttar 141768 children when your schedule allows. Don’t just network with working parents, network with stay-at-home parents as well. Try to work something out with them too because they have even more time than your colleagues who work a 9-5.

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