Lead to Succeed: The Seven Essential Steps

Written by Gerald Czarnecki

In my book You’re In Charge…What Now? I use a mnemonic to describerepparttar seven essential steps to work leader success. The mnemonic is “L.E.A.D.E.R.S” and each of these letters represents an essential step. While I have simplifiedrepparttar 136757 elements of leadership into seven words,repparttar 136758 essence of my message is that being an effective, peak-performance work leader is simple, but not easy.

The responsibility of being an effective work leader is much more important than being an effective “manager”. Every effective manager leads first, and manages second. In my lexicon, there are two thingsrepparttar 136759 “person in charge of an organizational unit” does:repparttar 136760 first is to leadrepparttar 136761 people;repparttar 136762 second is to administerrepparttar 136763 processes that make uprepparttar 136764 work. I call this administrative activityrepparttar 136765 mechanics of managing…these arerepparttar 136766 activities of planning, organizing, controlling, report writing, etc., and of courserepparttar 136767 implementation ofrepparttar 136768 technical work ofrepparttar 136769 unit. These are critical activities and can never be ignored, but in my experience those managers who focusrepparttar 136770 preponderance of their time onrepparttar 136771 mechanics, ultimately do not succeed. They may achieve short term results, but they usually fail over time.

That which is done “to and for”repparttar 136772 people makes a work leader a long-term success, not what he or she does to administerrepparttar 136773 mechanics. Indeed, a manager with great leadership skills can sometimes be successful without being an effective administrator. I have worked for leaders like that, and they were great achievers.

Quick Tip - Effective Meetings Have a Complete Agenda

Written by Steve Kaye

Most agendas for a meeting look like this.

* Budget

* Payroll

* Staff

* Sales

* Vutszxtn

Some people would tell me, "That's a perfectly good agenda. I know what all of those things mean, except, uh, 'vutszxtn'." The point is, vutszxtn means as much to you asrepparttar other terms mean torepparttar 136694 other participants. For example, does budget mean increaserepparttar 136695 budget? Plan a budget? Report onrepparttar 136696 budget? Reducerepparttar 136697 budget? Complain aboutrepparttar 136698 budget? Make fun ofrepparttar 136699 budget? Or what?

An agenda likerepparttar 136700 one above could launch a meeting that considers all ofrepparttar 136701 possibilities mentioned above. Instead, you may have wanted to reallocate funds from one department to another.

A proper agenda specifies everything thatrepparttar 136702 participants need to know to makerepparttar 136703 meeting effective. It should contain:

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