Lawn Aeration — The Cure for Soggy Grass Carpets

Written by Linda Paquette

Just like people do, plants need breathing room. While most plants can getrepparttar air they need fromrepparttar 105429 top, having adequate circulation inrepparttar 105430 soil is critical for growing healthy turf. If you’re noticing that last year’s lawn is this year’s sponge, it’s time to rent or purchase a lawn aerator.

Aeration keeps soil clumps from becoming rock-solid bits of earth, helps water to drain throughrepparttar 105431 soil, and removes excess thatch build-up. In addition to benefiting your turf, it also helpsrepparttar 105432 micro-colonies of beneficial organisms that live in your soil to stay healthy.

Although aeration, especially core aeration, is best when done inrepparttar 105433 springtime, you can aerate your lawn any time afterrepparttar 105434 frost is out ofrepparttar 105435 ground.

Before you invest in aeration, you may want to check your lawn for thatch buildup. If you can easily push your finger through your lawn to feelrepparttar 105436 soil, then aeration isn’t a necessity. Still, it won’t hurt. Making a habit of yearly aeration keeps your lawn healthy and keeps you ahead of clumping, thatch build-up and poor drainage problems.

Watching Your Children’s Garden Grow

Written by Rondi Hillstrom Davis

Start some gardening traditions with your kids. Give them their own garden patch and a spot to dig. Children love getting their hands dirty and watching things grow.

Be sure to buy good quality, child sized gardening tools. Plastic toy versions just won’t hold up torepparttar task. You will also need children’s gloves and a watering can.

Mark offrepparttar 105427 garden area and turnrepparttar 105428 soil. Kids can help break up any lumps with their hands. Work in some organic compost.

Choose seeds that will grow quickly. Small children get impatient if their plants take too long to sprout. Radishes, Snapdragons, Cosmos, and Sunflowers will all germinate quickly. Carrots and strawberries are also easy to grow-- and yummy to eat.

Large seeds like beans and Morning Glories are easy for small fingers to push intorepparttar 105429 ground. You can start your seeds indoors in an eggshell carton. Whenrepparttar 105430 seedlings are an inch high, tear offrepparttar 105431 egg carton, and leavingrepparttar 105432 soil intact, transplantrepparttar 105433 seedlings outside.

Or, try placing beans on a wet paper towel inside a zip top bag. Taperepparttar 105434 bag to a sunny window and wait forrepparttar 105435 seeds to germinate. I can remember, as a child, checking my beans every morning before school. The first shoots appeared to my delight and we carefully transplantedrepparttar 105436 beans outdoors.

Make garden markers by painting small rocks. This will help kids keep track of their selections.

Make it fun! Grow a sunflower house by plantingrepparttar 105437 sunflowers in a circle with a space inrepparttar 105438 middle big enough for your kids to hide. Be sure to leave room for a door.

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