Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Drumvalo, Vincent Bridges, etc.

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Laura and Vincent

Channelers and 'angel workers' galore are out there fleecingrepparttar New Age 'believers'. It hurts to see that potentially good knowledge is abused by cults andrepparttar 147062 likes of L. Ron Hubbard, Crowley (His Rothschild backers) and many more.

Some of these people might even believerepparttar 147063 CONstructs of doom and gloom created for them to witness as they astrally travel. There may even be a modicum of truth in their SPIN.

Laura says Vincent claims to have operated a tour to Paris to learn about Fulcanelli and she says she hasrepparttar 147064 proof he is a liar. I have asked Vincent to address what she says and if he gives me an explanation I will edit this warning and put it here. Laura has her detractors as well. I have found her site to be informative but I question a lot of things about her sources.


Written by Robert Bruce Baird

"It was widely reported inrepparttar press (15 September 1997) that a British tourist, who stole a lump of stone fromrepparttar 146627 base ofrepparttar 146628 Great Pyramid five years earlier, returned it torepparttar 146629 Cairo Museum with a letter saying that 'it had brought him bad luck ever since'. The Museum authorities were not surprised; several such items had been returned by people who felt cursed {Whenrepparttar 146630 Luxor Casino was built in Las Vegas it moved on its foundation sorepparttar 146631 elevators had a lot of re-engineering to be done, while I lived in Las Vegas. The death toll during its construction was nine. Do you think a religious and spiritual force knows when it is being improperly sullied?} after stealing them. A good reason for caution isrepparttar 146632 largely bogus story of an Egyptian coffin lid - or fragment of a coffin lid. It was told to Arthur Weigall, author of 'Tutankhamen' (1923) by its one-time owner, Mr. Douglas Murray who purchasedrepparttar 146633 coffin some time inrepparttar 146634 1860s: 'no sooner had he done so than he lost his arm, owing torepparttar 146635 explosion of his gun. The ship in whichrepparttar 146636 coffin was sent home was wrecked, and so wasrepparttar 146637 cab in which it was driven fromrepparttar 146638 docks;repparttar 146639 house in which it was deposited was burnt down; andrepparttar 146640 photographer who made a picture of it shot himself. A lady who had some connection with it suffered great family losses, and was wrecked at sea shortly afterwards...The list of accidents and misfortunes charged torepparttar 146641 spirit which is connected with this coffin is now of enormous length.

The presence of an Egyptian mummy on board is sometimes blamed forrepparttar 146642 loss ofrepparttar 146643 'Titanic'. It was said to have been shipped to New York onrepparttar 146644 supposedly unsinkable liner. Its coffin, no.22542 inrepparttar 146645 British Museum, is associated withrepparttar 146646 curse, and Museum authorities caution people who propose to photograph it." (2)

Negative self-fulfilling expectations are a difficult thing for people to deal with in conjunction withrepparttar 146647 sorcerers' art. This isrepparttar 146648 concept ofrepparttar 146649 'War Bottle' that turns your idiosyncrasies into more unbalanced certitudes that makes a strength become a fatal weakness. It is alsorepparttar 146650 nature of energy that caused a large number of early North American Indians to foregorepparttar 146651 vanity of having their picture taken. Some of them listened to their wise men talk ofrepparttar 146652 soul being frozen inrepparttar 146653 minds of those who would seerepparttar 146654 picture, and thus their spirit would not grow with them. There certainly is truth torepparttar 146655 fact that our thoughts impact others. Our thoughts are energy andrepparttar 146656 thoughts of many people who thought negatively aboutrepparttar 146657 'stupid savages' may have had justrepparttar 146658 impactrepparttar 146659 shamans and witch-doctors were certain would happen. The curse of humanity is that our soulful energy deceives our ego into thinking we are powerful. The ego doesn't understand. 'WE' is not 'me'!

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