Launch of Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Software

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Launch of Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Software

Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Software is a new, no-nonsense software program that lets users quickly create a Flash slideshow, using their favourite pictures. By just following repparttar easy steps onrepparttar 124145 clear user interface ofrepparttar 124146 software program, users can create a Flash photo show with an unlimited number of slides, and even with their own background music.

Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Software does allrepparttar 124147 work, users don't need any programming skills or knowledge of Flash. In today's world where everything must be quick and easy, Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Maker saves people time and effort but they'll still get professional results.

The Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Software lets people use all kinds of picture formats in repparttar 124148 slideshow, such as GIF, JPEG, BMP and PNG. With many creative slide transitions to choose from, and options to individualiserepparttar 124149 slideshows through speed control,transition time and border options,repparttar 124150 Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Maker isrepparttar 124151 tool of choice for website owners and webmasters who want to add a professional-looking slideshow to their site. The slideshow maker creates an SWF file that can be used for other purposes and in other programs as well, such as PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash and Director, HTML editors, etc.

In addition, users can choose their preferred size forrepparttar 124152 slide show, and they can add a different URL link to every picture, if they like.

The Amara Flash Photo Slideshow Maker can be used as often and for as many different slideshows as people like, and created slideshows are easy to update, because they are automatically saved withinrepparttar 124153 software program. Besides slidshows you can also create Flash banners, Flash ads, and Flash intros withrepparttar 124154 application.

ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva

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Move over Martha Stewart

ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva, Or Should We Say, "DIVO"

Hollywood, CA –July 18, 2004 —ABC's new reality TV competition,repparttar Great Domestic Showdown, revealed an unexpected winner from a pack of 6 determined domestic competitors. In an under dog victory reminiscent ofrepparttar 124144 movie Rocky, real life Italian Stallion and Hollywood event producer Frank Fontana claimedrepparttar 124145 crown of Domestic Divo and is on his way to building a media empire of domestic greatness.

Fontana had this to say about winningrepparttar 124146 show, "I was truly grateful and thrilled, to have wonrepparttar 124147 competition. I hope I have inspired people to dream big and take creative chances in their lives.” He goes on to say, "It's about time Macho makes a comeback inrepparttar 124148 lifestyle world, and I am proud to lead that charge."

Each contestant had to prove their skills in decorating, cooking, entertaining, and forrepparttar 124149 final challenge, produced an entire wedding in two days. Judgingrepparttar 124150 intense competition were Sandra Lee, host ofrepparttar 124151 Food Network's Semi-Homemade; Robert Verdi, host of Discovery Channel's Surprise by Design; and Govind Armstrong, one of LA's top chefs.

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