Launch amara Flash News Ticker

Written by Amara Cray

Amara Flash News Ticker is a new software program that enables users to quickly create vertically scrolling news tickers. Users just follow a few simple steps, and Amara Flash News Ticker instantly creates a Flash new ticker that they can then easily insert into their website. No programming skills or knowledge of Flash is needed -repparttar program does allrepparttar 131753 work.

With Amara Flash News Ticker, website owners, creators and webmasters now have an inexpensive and very easy-to-use tool with which they can add a very professional-looking and highly functional scrolling news ticker to their site. Because they can make it their preferred size and use their website's color scheme,repparttar 131754 news ticker can be completed integrated into any web page. And users can create as many news tickers as they like, and update them as often as they like. Amara Flash News Ticker offers true value for money.

Amara Flash News Ticker's intuitive user-interface hardly needs explaining. Users can add a new news item, type their text, and include a hyperlink to each of repparttar 131755 news items. They can choose from a long list of font type faces and use their own preferred colors and sizes forrepparttar 131756 news items - allrepparttar 131757 same or all different, it's up to them. They can chooserepparttar 131758 background and border color, as well asrepparttar 131759 mouse-over colors forrepparttar 131760 news items.

Flash - To Use Or No To Use?

Written by Oleg Lazarenko

Out there inrepparttar WWW there are thousands sites using flash for their needs. Butrepparttar 131751 majority sites are not in this list. Let's summaries some facts about flash usage on YOUR web site. After that it's you will have to decide: to use or not to use. There are some facts about Macromedia Flash Technology:

The First Fact: Sites are look much prettier and professional withrepparttar 131752 flash animation on their pages if animation done by professionals. Users sometimes visit sites only to see flash intro if it's done in some original manner.

The Second Fact: Flash Source Scripts cannot be stolen unlike Java Scripts or HTML code. Flash files come in "two" pieces: files with .fla extension arerepparttar 131753 actual source and .swf files are compiled version of these files. In browsers you can see only .swf files. However I’ve already seen some “swf scanners” . Those programs let you seerepparttar 131754 action script coding used in flash movie.

The Third Fact: Flash animation files are slow to download and require flash player plug-in . Regular static graphic requires less time to download. In a couple of years whenrepparttar 131755 problem of dial-up connection may be solved and fast DSL lines will be cheap and available for anyone this problem may seem not so serious, but so far we must consider this aspect, as not all users are eager to wait for a minute or two to see your flash intro. That's one ofrepparttar 131756 main reason flash is not popular onrepparttar 131757 big corporate sites (but Yahoo for example displays fast loading flash advertisements on their pages)

The Fourth Fact: Not all browser compatible with flash players. The old versions of MS Explorer and Netscape Navigator cannot display flash movies. There is a solution however: to use Java Script to checkrepparttar 131758 compatibility of browser and displayrepparttar 131759 static image ifrepparttar 131760 player is not available for that browser. Well there is some issue still left with browsers who cannot understand Java Scripts but there are few people who use those browsers these days…but you must keep that in mind.

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