Late-breaking News About Our Companion, the Dog

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

"Well, you know Labs, they're almost human," I always say when I'm out walking Bailey, my Chocolate Lab, and people stop us. Do you feelrepparttar same way about your dog?

I agree with prize-winning pet columnist obedience herapy dog trainer, Lexiann Grant, who said, "I love [dogs] immensely and cannot imagine my life without them in it. Because of a dog - their emotions and intelligence - I

·Have been lifted from depression ·Found a new, more profound meaning in my life ·Coped successfully with a long recovery from chronic illness ·Learned what is truly important in my daily life ... and what is not ·Know about love freely given and received without judgment"

My client Terry knows about therapy dogs. When her 21 year old son died in an accident, her Retriever was her constant companion. When she would cry, Tansy would push her head into Terry's lap and look up at her.

There are plenty of tales about dogs rescuing families from burning homes without being trained, or, like my grandmother's dog, sitting patiently inrepparttar 125536 lap of aged companions when they could be off playing.

Those of us who have dog companions know what we know, but research has come up with a really fascinating bit of evidence I'd never thought of. See if this ever occurred to you!

The closest other animal to humans genetically would berepparttar 125537 chimp, right? Butrepparttar 125538 fact is, we humans have never made our homes with chimps, so we may be closer to dogs in many ways.


Written by Linda Landry

YOU WORK AT HOME By Linda Landry (c)

You work at home for many reasons. You likerepparttar autonomy. You set your own hours and you don't have to spend your profit on your wardrobe. This allows you to spend your quality time (and money) with your family, friends or pets.

You are not alone in this venture. Many, many others are doingrepparttar 125535 same thing. We support each other with advice and sharing tips and news. Ezine publishers often include techie tips, helpful sites, and free offers as well as articles published by others who are succeeding.

This support is invaluable and makesrepparttar 125536 Internet exceptional to any other business venture. We talk to people daily thru email and yet may never see them in person. If we were shopkeepers, we would not be able to leave our shop unattended and network with other shopkeepers as readily as we can usingrepparttar 125537 net. What a unique ability!!

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