Last Minute Seaside Holiday in UK in Private Caravan on Suffolk Coast

Written by Liz Toone

Suffolk, UK, 9 June 2005 – Caravan Holidays Just 4 U announce that their luxury six berth caravan byrepparttar Suffolk Coast, atrepparttar 142446 popular Broadland Sands resort near Lowestoft, is now available to rent for short breaks as well as family holidays. They have also added a range of deals and discounts to help senior citizens and those booking early, plus a massive reduction onrepparttar 142447 price of a second week’s stay during certain dates and special prices for existing clients. Situated right next to a long beautiful sandy beach,repparttar 142448 luxury holiday caravan can also make use of allrepparttar 142449 free amenities ofrepparttar 142450 Broadland Sands resort, includingrepparttar 142451 heated swimming pool complex (May to Sept), entertainments club, sports bar, restaurant, tennis courts and more. The holiday caravan is well stocked to cater for allrepparttar 142452 family, with games forrepparttar 142453 kids, CD’s, videos, books and fully equipped with new bedding and cooking utensils. Asrepparttar 142454 Darcy family from Hertfordshire said “great holiday, fantastic caravan and brilliant value for money”.

Kids’ Bunk Beds: How to keep your child safe.

Written by Dani Martin

Kids’ bunk beds are by farrepparttar most common types of bunk beds. Bunk beds were created for more functional, adult-oriented sleeping purposes, and one recognizable example of these bunk beds isrepparttar 142343 kind used inrepparttar 142344 military. The rise of kids bunk beds’ popularity is due to their ability to combine entertainment with functionality – they get kids excited to go to sleep.

For many children, bunk beds are exciting. Many small children desperately want a “big kid bed,” especially those who recently graduated from a crib. Bunk beds haverepparttar 142345 advantage of allowing children to sleep above or below a sibling, and they are also a fun play space.

For all their fun and entertainment, however, bunk beds also come with significant safety risks. There is a need to educate parents aboutrepparttar 142346 risks associated with buying a bunk bed. The major safety risk is injuries resulting from kids falling from their beds, which usually occurs when kids are playing haphazardly and/or are left unsupervised for an extended period of time.

There are several ways

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