Laser Hair Removal in New York City

Written by Rachel Stepsen

Laser hair removal in New York City is gaining extreme popularity. This is primarily because New York City is an international fashion center,repparttar business and financial capital ofrepparttar 146386 US andrepparttar 146387 cosmopolitan city that isrepparttar 146388 home torepparttar 146389 rich and famous ofrepparttar 146390 world.

It is no wonder thatrepparttar 146391 residents ofrepparttar 146392 city want to be 'bold and beautiful'. Laser hair removal is an effective and efficient method in that quest and provides and effective and lasting solution formrepparttar 146393 problem of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is a painless and safe method of hair removal and provides long-term solutions againstrepparttar 146394 unwanted hair on different parts ofrepparttar 146395 body.

Laser Hair Removal is big business in New York City. Laser hair removal is a popular hair removal method for both men as well as women. Several well-known laser clinics in New York City offer hair removal treatments.

Laser treatment is given forrepparttar 146396 removal of hair and tattoos. It works onrepparttar 146397 principle that darker matter such as hair and tattoos absorb light energy. The heat ofrepparttar 146398 light or laser is capable of irradiatingrepparttar 146399 dark matter.

Laser hair removal is an expensive hair removal method when compared to other methods such as plucking, waxing, threading and electrolysis. It is therefore better to have cost comparison of different laser hair removal clinics in New York City before selecting one for you.

Here arerepparttar 146400 profiles of some popular laser hair removal clinics in New York.

The Principle Of Laser Hair Removal

Written by Rachel Stepsen

The principle of laser hair removal revolves aroundrepparttar principle of light radiation. The concept of laser hair removal is simple to understand.

Laser Hair Removal involvesrepparttar 146209 use of light energy forrepparttar 146210 removal of hair. The basic principle of laser hair removal is thatrepparttar 146211 dark objects absorb light. The laser will selectively target hair orrepparttar 146212 hair root and burn it.

This is possible only whenrepparttar 146213 target area is darker thanrepparttar 146214 surrounding skin. The dark target area is called chromophore and it can be created artificially or is found naturally onrepparttar 146215 skin.

Natural chromophores are melanin and hemoglobin. Melanin is a pigment that gives color torepparttar 146216 hair. Hemoglobin is what gives red color torepparttar 146217 blood. Carbon is an artificial chromophore.

Carbon is introduced intorepparttar 146218 skin by rubbing a carbon- based lotion intorepparttar 146219 skin after waxing. The principle of laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis. The laser hair removal treatment is also called phototricholysis or photoepilation.

There are certain technical parameters that determinerepparttar 146220 effectiveness ofrepparttar 146221 laser hair removal process.

* Pulse widths - Studies have established that longer pulse widths are more effective for laser hair removal process and have fewer side effects.

* Width ofrepparttar 146222 laser beam - The width ofrepparttar 146223 laser beam determinesrepparttar 146224 efficacy of laser hair removal process. The width ofrepparttar 146225 laser beam should be four times as wide asrepparttar 146226 depth ofrepparttar 146227 target.

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