Laser Eye Surgery: To Opt or Not to Opt...

Written by Mike Spencer

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If you're suffering from diminished eyesight in any capacity, there's a whole parcel of feelings that go along withrepparttar possibilities of eventual loss of sight versusrepparttar 139827 risks of undergoingrepparttar 139828 treatments that are necessary to correctrepparttar 139829 problem.

When consideringrepparttar 139830 delicate nature ofrepparttar 139831 eye, many people makerepparttar 139832 decision to put off corrective treatment untilrepparttar 139833 situation becomes dire - or is no longer able to be treated effectively.

Laser eye surgery - now quite common as a form of treatment for eye disorders - is one ofrepparttar 139834 first options that many folks look toward when they've maderepparttar 139835 decision to pursue treatment and reclaim their ability to see clearly.

Weigh your options

While there are pros and cons involved in such a treatment plan, it's worthy of a thorough investigation before making such a weighty decision. There are a number of things that should be looked into, and you should feel comfortable withrepparttar 139836 information that you uncover before attempting to take such a leap.

Here then, are a few safety and risk factors that are involved in laser eye surgery that you may find helpful in your quest for information.

Which type of treatment is right for you?

There are two main types of laser eye surgery procedures that are currently available: Lasik and CustomCornea.

The difference betweenrepparttar 139837 two is that CustomCornea utilizes newer technologies to accomplish what Lasik surgery can provide and, in either case, there are safety risks that may be involved. These may include serious complications which may result in decreased or lost vision, and there are those who would not be considered as candidates for such a treatment.

Included among those are:

individuals who are pregnant or nursing

underrepparttar 139838 age of 21

“Bodybuilding Sins” That Cause Back Pain and Missed Workouts: Part 5

Written by Jesse Cannone

Welcome to article number five in our 5-part series “Bodybuilding Sins That Cause Back Pain and Missed Workouts”. In this article we are going to cover some basic, yet powerful training principles that are often overlooked and are responsible for nearly all bodybuilding injuries… If you missed any ofrepparttar previous articles, you can view them usingrepparttar 139754 links below. Here’s a breakdown ofrepparttar 139755 articles to look for: 1. Article #1 - Choosing The WRONG Exercises 2. Article #2 - Training Variations for Pain Relief and Maximum Results 3. Article #3 - Targeted Stretching 4. Article #4 - Targeted Exercises 5. Article #5 - Rest, Recovery, and Injury Prevention Article #5 - Rest, Recovery and Injury Prevention Many ofrepparttar 139756 injuries that bodybuilders suffer from could be easily prevented just by allowingrepparttar 139757 body enough time to rest… While most bodybuilders dread hearingrepparttar 139758 word “rest”, many fail to realize that there is far more to rest than just avoiding overtraining. When you perform a tough workout you not only stress that muscle or muscle group, you also place stress onrepparttar 139759 cardiovascular, neuromuscular and components ofrepparttar 139760 immune system… For example, many bodybuilders will train their chest 2-3 times a week and spend an hour or more performing dozens of exercises just forrepparttar 139761 pecs… While this may sound ok to some, when you add inrepparttar 139762 stress of other workouts it can quickly add up to too much stress in one or more ways. I hear bodybuilders allrepparttar 139763 time say “I let my body rest by splitting up my workouts” and “I worked chest yesterday so today I’ll train my back”… that’s NOT rest! When you train your back, your chest still gets worked, stressed and it also slows down your bodies ability to recover from stress and repair damage from previous workouts… So don’t kid yourself and think that you can train this way overrepparttar 139764 long term… it may take years or just a few weeks, but sooner or later your body will break down! Let me give you a real life example from my experience… I, like nearly every single bodybuilder out there, created muscle imbalance unknowingly by followingrepparttar 139765 workouts recommended in allrepparttar 139766 books, magazines, etc… I trained 4,5 and sometimes even 6 days a week and thought that I was resting enough by splitting my workouts… to make a long story short, after just a few years I had tendonitis in both triceps because I worked chest, tri’s and shoulder too often, too intensely and didn’t balance out my training… I also had lower and middle back pain, knee problems and IT band tendonitis because my lower body workouts weren’t balanced… I spent too much time doing heavy squatting, too often and neglected important muscles… These injuries stayed with me for months, years and I still can have an occasional flare up if I don’t stay consistent with a balanced training program. I was able to create all this damage byrepparttar 139767 age of 22… I am now 28 and will have to spendrepparttar 139768 rest of my life trying to prevent these old injuries from coming back and causing more pain and problems… Don’t do what I did! And if you already have, you better act fast and take a serious look at your training and your goals because if you don’t, you will spendrepparttar 139769 rest of your life in pain and frustrated by allrepparttar 139770 injuries, big and small.

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