Las Vegas "Whales"

Written by Iulia Pascanu

What Las Vegas jargon names "whales" is in factrepparttar creme ofrepparttar 110057 high rollers species. They are a handfull of people that in some opinions don't exceed 500 individuals inrepparttar 110058 world. Las Vegas hoteliers are nuts about them; some claim four or five of those whales bet much more thanrepparttar 110059 rest ofrepparttar 110060 thousands customers they receive daily. No wonder they are suspected of going as far as selling their first born child to get one of those whales into their gaming area. Five tips to recognise a whale

*repparttar 110061 size ofrepparttar 110062 bet: $50,000 isrepparttar 110063 low end; Australian tycoon Kerry Packer likes to play seven blackjack hands at one time; his top bet was $375,000; *repparttar 110064 line of credit: 4 to 5 million dollars for one weekend; a fortune for us ordinary earthings, pocket money for a "whale"; *repparttar 110065 treat: whales get allrepparttar 110066 freebies fromrepparttar 110067 hotel they play: fine dining, luxury accommodations, private jet transportation, expensive gifts... oftenrepparttar 110068 US visa forrepparttar 110069 Asian high rollers; *repparttar 110070 escort: it usually includes bodyguards, beautiful gals and close friends; Las Vegas history saved forrepparttar 110071 record a legendary tale in whichrepparttar 110072 Saudi Prince Adnan Khashoggi dropped for a bet at Stardust with an anturage of a dozen people; *repparttar 110073 generosity: whether they win or loose, everybody's happy as long as they play; "whales" don't spare tips & gifts.

Play The Piano Like A Pro

Written by Ismael D. Tabije

Meetrepparttar 12 Major Notes:

1.C (do) 2.C# - Db (do sharp or re flat) (one-key only) 3.D (re) 4.D# - Eb (re sharp or mi flat) (one key only) 5.E (mi) 6.F (fa) 7.F# - Gb (fa sharp or so flat) (one key only) 8.G(so) 9.G# - Ab(so sharp or la flat) (one key only) 10.A (la) 11.A# - Bb(la sharp or ti flat) 12.B (ti)

Meetrepparttar 110056 12 Major Chords:

1.C major - do, mi, so {C, E, G keys} 2.D major - re, fa#, la {D, F#, A keys} 3.E major - mi, so#, ti{E, G#, B keys} 4.F major - (lower) fa, (lower) la, (middle) do{F, A, C keys} 5.G major - (lower) so, (lower) ti, (middle) re{G, B, D keys} 6.A major - (lower) la, (middle) do#, (middle) mi {A, C#, E keys} 7.B major - (lower) ti, (middle)re#, (middle) fa# {B, D#, F# keys} 8.C# or Db - do#, fa, so# {C#, F, G# keys} 9.D# or Eb - re#, so, la# {D#, G, A# keys} 10.F# or Gb - (lower) fa#, (lower) la#, (middle) do# {F#, A#, D# keys} 11.G# or Ab - (lower) so#, (middle) do, (middle) re# {G#, C, D# keys} 12.A# or Bb - (lower) tib, (middle) re, (middle) fa {Bb, D, F keys}

Notes some one ofrepparttar 110057 most important things to learn and digest when it comes to learning music. The foundation of every tune isrepparttar 110058 note. This is also what makesrepparttar 110059 music lesson quite difficult to learn. It is because music is another language. There are lots of music notes to memorize. However, there are some techniques to better understand and not just to memorizerepparttar 110060 notes then eventually digest all of them. The first technique is to knowrepparttar 110061 first twelve (12) major notes. Enumerated above arerepparttar 110062 twelve major notes. Most of us have encounteredrepparttar 110063 do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti notes inrepparttar 110064 early stage of our education. Whether we liked it or not, music has always been a part ofrepparttar 110065 academe. The alphabet notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B are also used along withrepparttar 110066 do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti notes. However, most people especially those who are not totally musically inclined are more familiar withrepparttar 110067 latter.

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