Las Vegas Photographers

Written by Randy Wilson

If you’re looking for a list of Las Vegas photographers for weddings, this isrepparttar place to be! We have provided you with a list of 5 ofrepparttar 143115 most popular wedding photographers in Las Vegas to make your life easier. Why dorepparttar 143116 leg work when we’ve done it all for you? By clicking onrepparttar 143117 links you can read more about each individual photographer andrepparttar 143118 specific services they provide.

Cashman Professional
3595 S. Highland Dr. Suite #3
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: 1.702.365.6660
Fax: 1.702.248.0175

Far from being solely a las Vegas wedding photographer, Cashman Professional makes a point of capturing Las Vegas history in its galleries of memories. If you want pro pictures, you won’t go wrong with this group.

Costello Photo
Las Vegas, NV
702 459 3121

This award winning company will email absent friends and relatives a selected photo from your wedding. Choose from selected moments or hours of studio shooting.

Highland Photography
Phone: (702) 263-0489
Toll Free: (800) 856-6052
Fax: (702) 269-6758

Born in Scotland, Jill Jennings was bitten byrepparttar 143119 photography bug at her sister’s wedding. The WPPI (Wedding Portrait and Photographers International) recently honored Jill’s work inrepparttar 143120 area of wedding photojournalism. She continues taking workshops and seminars from top photographers to improve her skills, and is a popular photographer in Las Vegas.

An exciting Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

Written by Randy Wilson


Ladies who are planning their last outing as a single with friends to celebrate a las Vegas bachelorette party before tyingrepparttar knot may want to visit this traditional bastion of female partying. The Chippendale Theater features a live performance of attractive men strutting their stuff. With 400 seats, a Flirt Lounge, and a shopping boutique, many women consider this to berepparttar 143114 ultimate girls’ night out.

The theater accepts most forms of payment. Open every day but Wednesday,repparttar 143115 show begins 8:30 Sunday through Tuesday and Thursday, with later openings at 10:30 for Fridays and Saturdays. The perfect place for a bachelorette party in las Vegas,repparttar 143116 show begins with a stirring countdown and thenrepparttar 143117 male performers take roles from cowboys to street dancers in scenes as exotic fromrepparttar 143118 streets of New York torepparttar 143119 plains of Africa. No one under 18 allowed.

Thunder From Down Under

Thunder from Down Under features a bevy of male babes from Australia. The 75-minute show allows them to take it all off to a barely there remnant, leaving little torepparttar 143120 imagination. Prices begin at $43.95 and there is an age limit that prohibits anyone less than 18 years of age from entering. Those aged 18 to 20 must be escorted by an adult.

The all-male dance revue proudly sports an assortment of Aussies whose goal is to satisfy every customer. Evoking memories ofrepparttar 143121 likes of James Dean and paying tribute to men in uniforms of every kind,repparttar 143122 revue tastefully performs to music like “Proud Mary” and hits from “Grease,” among others. A self-service bar is available inrepparttar 143123 theater to serve thirsty patrons. Ask about las Vegas bachelorette party packages. The shows begin at 8 and 10:30 from Friday through Wednesday, with no performance offered on Thursdays. The usual credit and cash payments are accepted.

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