Las Vegas Comps and Online Comps

Written by Tom Howze

Las Vegas comps or casino bonus extras from an online casino arerepparttar best way to get free rewards just for playing. A lot of players inside land based casinos like those in Las Vegas will spend thousands and thousands of dollars not realizing thatrepparttar 136044 casinos want their business so much that they will spend money just to keep them coming back. The online casinos arerepparttar 136045 same way. Most will offer a 100% or more sign up bonus to get you in and based on your play, will reward you with deposit bonuses in addition to other incentives just to keep you coming back there. Las Vegas casino comps can get you free rooms, show tickets, and fine dining at world-class restaurants. Plus, even cash to gamble with!

So what isrepparttar 136046 secret? It is very simple to get casino comps, just sign up for a players card in a land based casino or a players rewards program withrepparttar 136047 online casinos. In Las Vegas they haverepparttar 136048 sign up desks inside of their casinos. Generally, it isrepparttar 136049 line of people looking like they are trying to get on a ride at Disneyland. So to avoid repparttar 136050 lines, you should go early inrepparttar 136051 morning or if you will be going to Las Vegas soon, search forrepparttar 136052 casino that you will be staying at overrepparttar 136053 Internet. More and more land based casinos are allowing you to sign up for their players card program online, so take advantage of it. The cards will be waiting there when you arrive! Signing up for a players card is a good idea to do in any casino anywhere, so don't wait forrepparttar 136054 Vegas trip. Almost all ofrepparttar 136055 newer casinos on Indian reservations, riverboats and other areas are managed by former Las Vegas executives who know what loyalty means torepparttar 136056 bottom line, so you can expect to have players card programs available wherever you go.

The players card is becoming more important as technology continues to advance. Signing up with one program can allow

Biggest Mistake while playing Texas Holdem POKER

Written by Rory Monahan

The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make while playing no-limit Texas Holdem is to focus too much on your cards...
If you're playing draw, stud, limit, or any other form of poker, then it's important to concentrate on MATHEMATICAL ODDS and PROBABILITIES.
But no-limit Holdem is different.
MUCH different.
You can be a math WIZARD and knowrepparttar odds of every possible scenario inrepparttar 135921 deck... but it won't do you much good atrepparttar 135922 no-limit table.
Hell, you can even know how to COUNT CARDS... but I'll still knock your socks off and take your rent money if you face me heads-up.
Because no-limit Holdem is a game of PSYCHOLOGY.
To win, you must learn how to playrepparttar 135923 PLAYERS, notrepparttar 135924 CARDS.
The reason no-limit Holdem is so different from other types of poker is because it's possible to bluff HUGE pots and go ALL-IN...
Andrepparttar 135925 only thing that separates YOU from your OPPONENT is just two down-faced cards that are dealt atrepparttar 135926 beginning of each hand.
That's it. Just two cards.
The reality is this...
No-limit Holdem is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, and if you want to WIN, you've got to learn how to get INSIDE THE HEADS of your opponents.
You've got to know them better than they know themselves... and predict their every move.
But how?
There are a lot of strategies and techniques around identifying "poker tells".
A poker TELL is a habit or mannerism of a player that is a "giveaway" torepparttar 135927 strength or weakness of their hand.
Like a twitch ofrepparttar 135928 nose... a crack inrepparttar 135929 voice... a shaky leg... or a rapid pulse...
Tells like these are IMPORTANT.
And you must learn how to spot them and take advantage of them.
But there's one tell that's MUCH, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT... and it has NOTHING to do with body language, voice, or mannerisms.
In fact, this tell is technically not even classified as a "tell".
But it WILL give you a read on your opponents.
What am I talking about?
Stay with me here.
BETTING isrepparttar 135930 KEY to getting a read on your opponents...
It is through BETTING that you find outrepparttar 135931 strength or weakness of another player's hand, which is how you WIN in no-limit Texas Holdem...
BETTING is how you get inside yourrepparttar 135932 heads of your opponents. Especiallyrepparttar 135933 ones you've never met or played against before.
Now, I'm not talking about just ANY kind of betting...
I'm talking aboutrepparttar 135934 bets YOUR OPPONENTS make IN RESPONSE TO THE CONDITIONS AT THE TABLE.
Think about online poker, as an example.
How dorepparttar 135935 pros quickly and consistently win at ONLINE POKER... where you can't even SEE your opponents?
That's right... The answer is BETTING.
You've got to watch and STUDY what each player does in response torepparttar 135936 action...
This is true no matter WHERE you play no-limit Holdem... whether it's online, at home, in a casino, or in a tournament.
Now notice how I said IN RESPONSE torepparttar 135937 action...
This isrepparttar 135938 key.
Because you can't get a good read on an opponent every time they make a bet.
The best time to get a read is when they have to REACT TO ACTION AT THE TABLE...
When they have to make a DECISION.
Because this isrepparttar 135939 time when they're NOT in control ofrepparttar 135940 hand...
For example, let's sayrepparttar 135941 action is to Drew to call a $10 bet...
Does he fold, call, or raise?
Does he hesitate, or immediately make a decision?
If he makes a raise, he's representing a good hand, and takes control ofrepparttar 135942 action...
If he hesitates and then calls, there's a good chance his hand is weak...
If he immediately calls, he may have something or be on a draw...
You getrepparttar 135943 point.
You can get a read on your opponent when your opponent has to REACT TO ACTION.
Unfortunately, your opponent won't always HAVE TO react to action atrepparttar 135944 table.
In fact, your opponent will often take CONTROL of repparttar 135945 action and force YOU to make a decision.
Which means everyone will getrepparttar 135946 chance to get a read on YOU...
And that is NOT what you want.
So how do you counter this?
How do take control ofrepparttar 135947 action AND force your opponent to a decision?
The answer is this:
Feeler bets are bets made in order to "see where you're at" inrepparttar 135948 hand.
They're named "FEELER bets" because they allow you to "feel" outrepparttar 135949 strength or weakness of your opponents...
And they're a CRUCIAL part of becoming good at Texas Holdem poker.
Let me demonstrate with an example...
Let's say you're fifth to act in a $1-2 no-limit game at a 10-man table.
You've got over $200 in your stack.
You look down at pocket nines.
You're not too excited about your position right here, but you've been on firerepparttar 135950 whole game. The action is on to you to callrepparttar 135951 blinds.
This is where you make a FEELER BET... which would be a pre-flop raise in this situation.
"$10 to play", you say as you splashrepparttar 135952 pot with ten white $1 chips.
This feeler bet accomplishes four things:
1. You get to find out who's strong and who's not...
2. You get control ofrepparttar 135953 action atrepparttar 135954 table...
3. You're not allowing your opponents to get a good read on you...
4. You're getting a read on your opponents by forcing them to make a decision...
Okay... so let's sayrepparttar 135955 action aroundrepparttar 135956 table

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