Laptop Computer Extras for the Mobile Traveler

Written by John San Filippo

A laptop computer certainly provides you with an unprecedented level of freedom and mobility away fromrepparttar office. However there are a few extras you might want to bring along on your laptop travels:

Extra 1: portable printer

If you travel a lot, you never know when you might need to commit one of your digital documents to paper.

Sure, you can probably find a Kinko's, or evenrepparttar 133511 business center at your hotel, butrepparttar 133512 experienced business traveler knows you're much better off when you're not at someone else's mercy.

Extra 2: USB hub

If you need to connect to several external devices simultaneously,repparttar 133513 one or two USB ports on your laptop may or may not be sufficient. If not, keep an inexpensive four- port USB hub in your laptop case.

Extra 3: PC card token ring adapter

Cell Phones and Planes: A Bad Mix?

Written by Arnie Jacobsen

Cell Phones and Planes: A bad mix?

If you have spent anytime flying you are aware thatrepparttar use of cell phones on planes has been taboo. The reason given is that aviation authorities are concerned that cell phone transmissions will somehow interfere withrepparttar 133510 proper operation ofrepparttar 133511 airplane. The question has always been though, do cell phones really cause a disruption. "...Many (including pilots) ... question whether a genuine problem exists,"repparttar 133512 CAA says in a cell phone safety study. There have only been a few reported incidents of mobile cell phone radiation, and these were very minor like setting off a smoke detector in a baggage compartment.

Well, now that stance is changing, at least when it comes torepparttar 133513 British Civil Aviation Authority. Recentlyrepparttar 133514 CAA changedrepparttar 133515 rules recently to allow wireless communications devices on airplanes.

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