Language - Who Can Read Your Web Site?

Written by Grant McNamara

We assume that people looking at our web site can readrepparttar words. But can they? If they can't read what is

presented, they certainly won't buy. Tens of millions of people userepparttar 131895 Internet to buy products and services

everyday, but they wont buy from you. Why not? Because they can't read English.

English isrepparttar 131896 first language in only a small number of countries, and many people have English as a second

language. But consider for a momentrepparttar 131897 hundreds of millions of people that can't read English. Who do

they buy from? Well it won't be from you.

No doubt you've seen sites which allowrepparttar 131898 user to select from a list of language options. Perhaps it's an

option for your site. It is a relatively simple and inexpensive option to present your web site in multiple


By giving your audience a choice you are improving your service. Everyone prefers to deal with

organisations that understand and meet their needs. Fundamental to quality service isrepparttar 131899 ability to

communicate. And you are widening your potential market by millions and millions and millions. The

benefits of allowing foreign language readersrepparttar 131900 ability to view your site are astounding. Andrepparttar 131901 cost of

makingrepparttar 131902 site available in multiple languages is probably far lower than you think.

There are many firms specializing in language translation services. They take your English based text and

graphics and translate them into Spanish or German or Chinese or whatever languages you think best. And

they can dorepparttar 131903 same with your newsletters, your e-books, and yes, even software products.

We provide translations of web sites. And for most jobs, clients are surprised at how cost effectiverepparttar 131904

service is. They kick themselves for not doing it earlier. Especially oncerepparttar 131905 orders start to roll in from their

new markets. All that extra revenue, and so little effort.

Most web sites are somewhere between 500 and 1,500 words. The cost of translating such a small amount

of text is small, andrepparttar 131906 effort needed to amendrepparttar 131907 web site quite modest.

But a word of warning! Only human translators can accurately provide a precise translation of a specific

language. If you want a perfect translation, only a real person can assure you of getting one. Human

Anyone can start a web portal - it's easy!

Written by Derrick Goodfriend

When you think of a web portal, who do you think of? Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, and others, perhaps? Did you know that you

could create your own that people would want to go to? Well you can! In this article you will find many different ways to

enhance your website and create a web portal.

======================= 1. Your primary content ======================= Your primary content is important when starting your own web portal. It'srepparttar core of your website and it's what your

visitors see first. In addition to your own content, there are many different options when it cones to choosing where you get

your content from. One great source is With you get everything you need, all co-branded with

your logo. It comes fully loaded with news, weather, comics, a download section, online games, and more. Also, if you only

need news or weather on your site, you can try for news and has different weather forecasting

options available for your site.

========================= 2. Your secondary content ========================= Your secondary content is also important to your web portal's development. You have a number of choices when it comes to your

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