Land of the Free

Written by Joyce C. Lock

"God Bless America" is a well-known phrase throughoutrepparttar land. The Bible tells us how to receive His blessings. Yet, America is running inrepparttar 113465 opposite direction. By their example, our forefathers taught how to make America great. Our nation was founded "Under God" forrepparttar 113466 purpose of freedom in worship; a privilege that brings God's blessings every time. Our coins are a reminder of their heart, "In God We Trust"; where God always looks first. The Ten Commandments were their moral guideline;repparttar 113467 system set up by God for a better way of life. Men believed so strongly that they fought and died forrepparttar 113468 cause of America and Pilgrims risked their lives to be a part of it. Yet, today, we see a new breed of ‘would be’ forefathers who; vote their wallet instead of their conscience, dictate what we should believe to justify their lifestyle, lookrepparttar 113469 other way rather than stand for Godly values, wear as many faces as it takes to reach prominent positions, and attend church to make further business contacts.

Government Overregulation of Broadcast Content Could Backfire

Written by Terry Mitchell

Rush is right! The government's stepped up bid to regulate broadcast television content is indeed frightening. Limbaugh made his comments during one of his regular radio broadcasts last year. Those remarks were in response torepparttar FCC's crackdown on broadcast indecency and Congress' threats to hand out much larger fines to broadcasters for such violations, inrepparttar 113464 wake of Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" atrepparttar 113465 Super Bowl halftime show last February. Limbaugh isrepparttar 113466 not only media personality alarmed by this intensified government scrutiny of television content. Atrepparttar 113467 beginning of his news program on CNN during that same time frame, Aaron Brown said he thoughtrepparttar 113468 only thing worse than Jackson's Super Bowl debacle isrepparttar 113469 fact thatrepparttar 113470 government is now getting involved in trying to prevent similar incidents inrepparttar 113471 future. Amen, Aaron! Television, like any other business in a capitalistic society like ours, is and should be governed byrepparttar 113472 marketplace andrepparttar 113473 laws of supply and demand. I would love to see more family-friendly television programming. However, if there were truly a great demand for it, there would naturally be a lot more of it in existence (as well as a lot less ofrepparttar 113474 offensive stuff). The folks who are pushingrepparttar 113475 hardest for greater government intervention to make TV more family-friendly will assert that they are inrepparttar 113476 majority of viewers and listeners inrepparttar 113477 U.S. However,repparttar 113478 facts belie this assertion. Ofrepparttar 113479 seven broadcast networks, PAX, widely recognized asrepparttar 113480 most family-friendly, is last inrepparttar 113481 ratings. It's not just last, it is dead last! PAX gets about one-fourth ofrepparttar 113482 audience ofrepparttar 113483 sixth place network! Even in places that don't have a local PAX affiliate, it is usually available as a cable channel. However, it's not even amongrepparttar 113484 30 top-rated cable channels. Onrepparttar 113485 other hand, some ofrepparttar 113486 TV shows and cable networks withrepparttar 113487 most controversial material getrepparttar 113488 highest ratings. Go figure. In reality, those who are clamoringrepparttar 113489 loudest for TV to "clean up its act" know they are inrepparttar 113490 minority. Instead of tuning their TVs to PAX or one ofrepparttar 113491 other tamer channels (as I do) or even turning their TVs completely off, they go running torepparttar 113492 government to force their tastes on everyone else. Oddly enough, most of these people consider themselves conservatives. Funny, I thought conservatives disdained government intervention in favor of allowingrepparttar 113493 marketplace to take its course. Where did I ever get such a silly idea? What these people seemingly don't realize is that their efforts could very well backfire on them and allrepparttar 113494 rest of us. Broadcasters have generally submitted torepparttar 113495 concepts ofrepparttar 113496 V-chip and content ratings to help parents regulate their children’s TV viewing in their homes. After all, isn't that what all of this hoopla is about? They have also meekly accepted reasonable fines from time to time for indecent broadcasts. However,repparttar 113497 vocal minority is now demanding thatrepparttar 113498 FCC and Congress play hardball, i.e., impose very large and numerous fines as well as revokingrepparttar 113499 licenses of stations found guilty of indecent broadcasts. In response to this demand, there are now bills circulating in both houses of Congress that would increase fines torepparttar 113500 range of $250,000 to $3 million per violation along with threatening license revocation for habitual offenders.

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