Land O' Lakes Success Through Motivation

Written by Margaret Wommack

Because Land O'Lakes' transportation process needed revamping, they decided to find a transportation management system that could simplifyrepparttar organizing of multiple carriers. Nistevo Corp,repparttar 148791 web-based TMS they chose, helps identify contract and offer loads to carriers without spending hours onrepparttar 148792 phone.

Land O Lakes made sure that their employees embraced and understoodrepparttar 148793 technology ofrepparttar 148794 Nistevo project because that is crucial torepparttar 148795 successful implementation of new technological systems. As Dairy Foods Division overseer Fernando Palacios said, "It's their system. They arerepparttar 148796 ambassadors. All they needed wasrepparttar 148797 check to pay for it. I provided that, and they didrepparttar 148798 rest."

Private Carrier Pepsi Embraces Diversity Amongst Employees

Written by Margaret Wommack

Many companies claim to be committed to diversity, but private carrier Pepsico has proven their desire for a diverse employee base. Withrepparttar progression of globalization inrepparttar 148790 world, Pepsi continues to embrace and value diversity in customers, suppliers and employees. If you are interested in driving in a private fleet that respects a diverse work force, Pepsico isrepparttar 148791 private carrier company for you.

Pepsi truck driving requirements include a minimum age of 21 years, a CDL license, and a clean driving record going at least three years back, because safety is a top priority of any company, especially when it comes to vehicles. Pepsi truck drivers should be able to act professionally with customers, safely lift 40 pound loads throughoutrepparttar 148792 workday, and promptly and accurately maintain Pepsico standards.

As a diverse employer, Pepsi has been recognized repeatedly for its work force which is not only diverse but also quite accomplished and successful.

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