Lamp Shades Decorate a Room

Written by Dean Novosat

When redecorating a room, don’t forget about your lighting. While it may seem that you will have to purchase all new lamps for your new décor, sometimes all you need is a new lampshade. Replacing a lampshade is a lot cheaper than purchasing a whole new lamp.

I find it is easier to wait until your major room components are in place before selecting new lampshades. Letrepparttar theme of your new room eveolve, then select lamp shades that either compliment or contrast with your theme. For example, a wild safari room with a zebra rug onrepparttar 150824 floor, might be well-served by a simple solid-color lamp shade to help offsetrepparttar 150825 boldness ofrepparttar 150826 rug. However, in a less wild décor, such as a simple, clean, contemporary design, a bold lampshade would add visual interest torepparttar 150827 room. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Lampshades come in a variety of different shapes, textures, and materials. These are your grandmother’s lampshades! Materials can range from paper, to fabric, to natural materials like tree leaves, to fur, to plastic. And designs can range from sold colors, to patterns, to abstract designs.

Buying Replacement Windows

Written by Matthew Anthony

While most buyers of double glazing are looking for replacement windows to help reduce their energy costs, or because their old windows are rattling in their frames, there's a whole class of buyers who are 'trading up' - replacing perfectly good window frames forrepparttar sake of havingrepparttar 150797 windows they want. They may be looking to replace all of their windows with a different style, or trying to restore their home to its architectural period.

And then there arerepparttar 150798 homes that were fitted withrepparttar 150799 first wave of double glazed windows inrepparttar 150800 1960s and 1970s. The original windows that featured double glazing as an energy saving measure were aluminum framed and conformed torepparttar 150801 best energy standards of their day. There have been enormous advances since then - in materials, techniques and styles. For many people, it's time to upgrade torepparttar 150802 new standards, even ifrepparttar 150803 old windows are still holding firm.

There are other reasons that people turn to replacement windows as well. Last spring, for instance, my mother decided it was time to replacerepparttar 150804 mullioned casement windows in her kitchen. She's always hated them, but they came withrepparttar 150805 house - and were brand new when she bought it. She shopped around for months until she finally found exactly what she wanted - a full three three-sided greenhouse window with shelving built intorepparttar 150806 window frames. Each pane is double glazed, andrepparttar 150807 entire effect is stunning. Her choice of replacement window transformedrepparttar 150808 entire kitchen.

Whatever your reason for seeking replacement windows,repparttar 150809 following advice can help you chooserepparttar 150810 right ones.

Prioritize your needs

Think through your reasons for replacing your windows and place a priority on each. There are many choices of materials and styles of replacement windows available, and each has distinct advantages overrepparttar 150811 others. If you're concerned with restoration, for example, and want authenticity, then wood framed double glazed windows will probably be atrepparttar 150812 top of your list. If your primary need in replacing windows is affordability, then PVCu framed windows are a far better choice.

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