Lactic Acid Friend or Foe?

Written by Ella

Lactic acid is responsible forrepparttar burn, right?

For years this has been a common belief of fitness professionals, enthusiasts and exercise scientists. But, latest research has just proven that this belief is a myth. Let’s explain some terms first. Lactic Acid is a liquid produced in muscles during anaerobic training. Anaerobic training is training that you would describe as fairly intense. It is when glycogen (stored carbohydrate) is used asrepparttar 141113 main energy source forrepparttar 141114 body rather than oxygen. What aboutrepparttar 141115 term lactate threshold? At rest and under steady-state exercise conditions, there is a balance between blood lactate production and blood lactate removal (Brooks 2000). The lactate threshold refers torepparttar 141116 intensity of exercise at which there is an abrupt increase in blood lactate levels.

What was thought. Fitness professionals have traditionally linked lactic acid or ‘the burn’ with an inability to continue an intensive exercise bout at a given intensity. Althoughrepparttar 141117 conditions withinrepparttar 141118 exerciser’s muscle cells have shifted towards acidosis, lactate production itself does not directly createrepparttar 141119 discomfort (acidosis) experienced at higher intensities of exercise.

What is now known. It is actually something else (the proton (H+) accumulation,) that results in acidosis. It occurs atrepparttar 141120 same time as lactate production. This acidosis impairs muscle contraction, and leads torepparttar 141121 ‘burn’ and associated weariness. Interestingly,repparttar 141122 lactate is actually produced to get rid ofrepparttar 141123 ‘burn’ (ie. neutralize’repparttar 141124 exerciser’s muscle acidic environment) (Robergs, Ghiasvand, Parker 2004).

What does this mean for my training? Lactate threshold isrepparttar 141125 most important determinant of success in endurance-related activities and events, therefore it’s improvement isrepparttar 141126 main goal of endurance training programs. By performing lactate threshold training, you are also directly increasingrepparttar 141127 calories you burn during this type of exercise program. This type of training is also highly recommended to enhance weight loss and weight management.

Get Out and Play: Top 7 Outdoor Exercises

Written by Aaron M. Potts

Do you remember when our parents used to yell at us to go outside and play? They would get so tired of us running aroundrepparttar house munching junk food and fighting with our siblings that they would practically kick us out ofrepparttar 141085 house!

Well, we may not haverepparttar 141086 same child-like activities lined up to get outside for anymore, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't still get out and enjoyrepparttar 141087 world! Exercising outdoors has many benefits, and they includerepparttar 141088 following:

- Little or no equipment needed to get a good workout - No crowded gyms or obnoxious people to put up with - No driving time torepparttar 141089 local fitness facility - No need to put on makeup or special clothing to workout atrepparttar 141090 gym - Vitamin D enhancing sunshine for our skin - The ability to workout anytime, anywhere - even on vacation - Two words: Fresh Air

There are probably other reasons that you can think of why an outdoor workout would fit into your particular lifestyle, so now all you have to do is learn what kind of activities can be done outside.

Refer torepparttar 141091 following Top 7 list of exercises that are sure to leave you sweaty, worn out, and feeling great when it's all over!


Like all exercises, lunges should be done with absolutely perfect form. When done correctly, a lunge will work every single muscle in your legs at some point throughoutrepparttar 141092 movement, includingrepparttar 141093 all important Gluteus Maximus (that'srepparttar 141094 primary buttocks muscle, for those of you not anatomically inclined).

Variations on lunges that require no equipment include; Standing Lunges, Alternating Lunges, Elevated Lunges, Rear Lunges, and Walking Lunges.


Push ups have always been one ofrepparttar 141095 most effective upper body exercises, but they have somehow gotten lost inrepparttar 141096 world of shiny chest press machines and fleets of various types of exercise benches. However,repparttar 141097 push up is still an incredibly productive exercise, and it requires no equipment whatsoever.

The 3 basic push up movements include Standard Grip, Wide Grip, and Close Grip. Alternating those 3 types will ensure maximal stimulation torepparttar 141098 chest, shoulders, and triceps. In addition, you can elevate your hands to makerepparttar 141099 movement somewhat easier, or elevate your feet to makerepparttar 141100 movement somewhat harder.

Also, if you are really feeling brave, you can even throw in some Bounce and Clap Push Ups!


Many people simply don't understandrepparttar 141101 incredible power of doing a Squatrepparttar 141102 right way. Through improper instruction, inappropriate form, and just plain laziness,repparttar 141103 incredible effectiveness ofrepparttar 141104 Squat has been lost inrepparttar 141105 mix.

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