LOCAL Marketing OR "Selling in Your Own Back Yard" (Where it really Counts!)

Written by Daniel Sage

LOCAL Marketing OR "Selling in Your Own Back Yard" (Where it really Counts!) by Daniel Sage

Here'srepparttar breakdown. You have a business. You have a business location. You have a neighborhood where that business is located. You provide a service or product that's truly valuable torepparttar 101046 right people. Great, now how do you find them? Or, mayberepparttar 101047 Question should be - Where? How Willrepparttar 101048 Customers you Need EVER find You? Welcome to Business Marketing 101...

FACT "But Most Consumer Purchases are Made Within 12 City Blocks."

Think about it! Most Chains and Franchises (Burger King, Starbucks, Target, Wal-mart etc...there are now thousands!) can be found wherever there is enough Market Saturation. Most National Chains, Franchises, Grocery Outlets and Even Local Banks have figured this Equation out and are using it to reap HUGE sales by Region Count. (Census Tracts) They knowrepparttar 101049 12-Block Rule and apply it vigorously in all of their Sales and Marketing Strategies!

They also know that Market Share isrepparttar 101050 most Important Term inrepparttar 101051 Advertising Game.

Let's review a few things aboutrepparttar 101052 world of Business Advertising. There are more than 2 Million new businesses started every year. (Most are these are home based; this doesn't include MLM's or Affiliate programs) Over 500,000 of these will fail within 2 years. The average Successful ad campaign costs about $250,000 dollars. The average TV commercial is $10,000 for 60 seconds. The average radio commercial is $100.00 for 60 seconds. ($5000 to Produce!) To rent a Cab top billboard is about $300 a week. The average Freeway Billboard is between $2500-$5000 a month.

All of these fall underrepparttar 101053 category of Blanket Advertising. (Expensive and mostly ineffective inrepparttar 101054 short run, especially for small businesses. It works for Chains and Franchises simply because ofrepparttar 101055 number and convenience of locations.)

Can you even hope to compete with their Advertising Budgets or Reach?

So, now that you know how local buying habits directly affect you - how many of these people does your advertising strategy currently reach? Do you even know how many residents there are inrepparttar 101056 12 blocks surrounding you? Let's expand our marketing radius to 2 or 3 miles or a single zip code. Do you know anything about those residents? More importantly, do THEY know about YOU? These are questions you will need to answer if you are making your business succeed locally or at all.

What do you want for nuthin'?

Written by Dale Sexton

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What do you want for nuthin'? 2002 by Dale Sexton

Sometimes you have to be willing to take trade offs or make sacrifices. I am using my experience as an example, and you may have a better way to achieverepparttar success I've been seeing.

I signed up for Tucats Ezine Ad Co-op to send free ads to a list of ezines accepting free ads. I knew what I was getting into because my newsletter is part ofrepparttar 101045 co-op.


I knew I would be getting confirmation of subscriptions, solo ads, and monthly, weekly and twice weekly issues to my email address from over 100 newsletters and ezines. It is my trade off to getting my free ad out to over 500,000 readers.

Updates fromrepparttar 101046 Tucats Ad Co-op tell of people who have signed up to take advantage ofrepparttar 101047 free ads, then are mad about being spammed, or didn't realize they would get so much email. Keep in mind, when you sign up for something, you might want to do some reading first. You can't call it spam when you sign up for it.

You can get a free web based email address to use to sign up for multiple ezines, such asrepparttar 101048 one at PageCrafters.net Free Email Service.


By doing this, you keep your personal or business address from being bombarded but two problems arise:

1) You have to constantly clean outrepparttar 101049 mailbox, because some ofrepparttar 101050 ezines will drop you if your email address bounces.

2) You miss out on some good information by not readingrepparttar 101051 ezines. Some of these ezines require you to read them as they contain ad code that must be used to get your weekly ads approved.

This is what I found that works best for me. I use OutLook, but OutLook Express and any other email client can be configured just as easily. Set uprepparttar 101052 rules in OutLook or your favorite email client. In OutLook, go to tools, then rules. In most clients look for tools or options.

What you want to do is set your client up to filter words inrepparttar 101053 subject or body of your emails. You can even filter by 'received from address'. Key words to filter may be 'newsletter', 'ezine' or 'issue'.

I've made a folder I call Mags (short for magazines) to placerepparttar 101054 filtered ezines into. I now haverepparttar 101055 option to read them later or look for ad codes when I'm ready to submit my free ads. Some ofrepparttar 101056 info I've collected is good stuff and I archive it for reference later.

All ofrepparttar 101057 newsletter and ezines you've just subscribed to offer at least one free ad. Most offer weekly ads. Droprepparttar 101058 newsletters you don't wish to continue receiving, but if you takerepparttar 101059 one free ad, have enough netiquette to stay subscribed until your ad is shown. If you drop them before your ad is shown, it may never be shown.

This isrepparttar 101060 hard part. It took me about a week, and still some ezine confirmations came in. Believe me,repparttar 101061 process is worth it. I do get responses to my ads and after I competed this part,repparttar 101062 rest was easy.

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