Written by Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh

I AM SO GRATEFUL for little things that matter. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on Or consoling words from another, A great big bear hug or a soothing foot rub, The smallest things makerepparttar biggest difference. I AM SO GRATEFUL for affectionate touch. Cradling an infant to my breast Or fitting a child's hand snuggly in mine, Tenderly planting a kiss onrepparttar 144584 cheek, and holding tight to those I love. I AM SO GRATEFUL for honoringrepparttar 144585 "child" in me. Eating allrepparttar 144586 brownies my heart desires, Or teasing a kitchen with a ball of string, Smiling at puppies throughrepparttar 144587 window of a pet store, And having a fit of giggles over something silly. I AM SO GRATEFUL for tiny delights. Finding a forgotten twenty-dollar bill in a jacket pocket, Threadingrepparttar 144588 eye of a needle onrepparttar 144589 very first try,

People Who Get What They Want: What Are They Thinking?

Written by Jason M. Gracai

Imagine being able to choose any outcome and automatically feel motivated to make it happen.

No matter what's standing in your way, you'd be so driven that you would blow right past it. You would get what you wanted every time.

Sound too good to be true?

I thought so too, until I learned a basic truth aboutrepparttar way we think and act. When you know how it works, it's easy to create a drive that compels you to do whatever it takes to createrepparttar 144521 kind of life you've always wanted to live.

So, what isrepparttar 144522 truth and how can we use it to get what we want? Let's find out.

THE UNDENIABLE FACT OF LIFE It's so simple that it's often overlooked. And because most people don't realize how powerful this truth really is, most people don't know how to get what they want.

Wouldn't you agree with that statement?

Out ofrepparttar 144523 millions of people who wish for a better life, only a very, very small percentage actually get what they're after.

And there's a reason: they overlookrepparttar 144524 basic truths of life and fail to use them to their advantage.

I don't want you to makerepparttar 144525 same mistakes, so let this idea really sink in...

- We do what we do for a reason. -

In other words, some kind of reason, whether good or bad, is atrepparttar 144526 root of everything we do. Torepparttar 144527 average person, this doesn't mean much, but you're not average. You'll soon be able to see just why this is such a powerful idea.

WHY DO PEOPLE FAIL? If you asked ten people onrepparttar 144528 street why they want to change or improve their lives, I have no doubt that you would get a whole lot of,

'Huh? Um...I'm not really sure. I guess I never thought about it,'


'Because it would make me happy.'

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