Written by Irvin L. Rozier

Liquid Love

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One dark night I receivedrepparttar gift of liquid love It was sent straight from heaven above My heart was filled with love overflowing I was so joyful my face was glowing

I'll tell you what happened that wonderful night The scales from my eyes were lifted as I sawrepparttar 147451 light Jesus came into my heart and saved my soul Filled me with his liquid love and made me whole

Under Siege!!

Written by Frank Reilly

This Article isrepparttar result of another hard night of realizingrepparttar 147450 fact thatrepparttar 147451 Church is falling into deception. This was a particularly hard night for me. The first 15 paragraphs of this Article were written while I literally balled my sorry eyes out. (I just had a major eye transplant surgery, so that was not a comfortable experience). I was happy that my wife went to bed beforerepparttar 147452 tears started. I just felt so sorry and sad forrepparttar 147453 things that are happening in America today, as what probably amounts torepparttar 147454 greatest countryrepparttar 147455 earth has ever seen is reduced to another fascist, police state, basking in religious bigotry. I am not marveled by that too much, I mean this is whatrepparttar 147456 kingdoms of this world do, its no big surprise.

Thatrepparttar 147457 Church in America is lending wholehearted and vigorous support to this stuff however is just tragic. Anyone who has read any ofrepparttar 147458 stuff on this site knows, thatrepparttar 147459 primary thrust of our ministry here is to present, primarily torepparttar 147460 church and Christians,repparttar 147461 reasons whyrepparttar 147462 Word of God does not include any justification forrepparttar 147463 Church's involvement inrepparttar 147464 affairs of these kingdoms. This Article is yet another attempt to bring that truth fourth, and to callrepparttar 147465 Christian back to his original ground, which is holy ground, notrepparttar 147466 grounds of "justice", "freedom and liberty", "political activism" or "civil duty", or revenge inrepparttar 147467 name of Jesus.

The Word Of God

It never ceases to amaze me,repparttar 147468 level to whichrepparttar 147469 Word, and evenrepparttar 147470 existence of God is under attack inrepparttar 147471 world today. All manner of questioning and denial, as well as out and out blasphemies are being committed on a regular basis. Most ofrepparttar 147472 population ofrepparttar 147473 world is living underrepparttar 147474 "bliss of ignorance". Nursingrepparttar 147475 most improvable, nonsensical hogwash ever peddled onrepparttar 147476 people ofrepparttar 147477 world, namelyrepparttar 147478 entirely bogus, and hoax ridden theory of evolution, simply because it allows men to continue to confess that there is no God. They are reveling inrepparttar 147479 ignorance that allows them to live lives of self centeredness, and insatiable pleasure seeking, while "living inrepparttar 147480 now". Stuffing torepparttar 147481 back of their soulsrepparttar 147482 notion ofrepparttar 147483 coming reckoning with an almighty God and refusing to retain God in their knowledge,repparttar 147484 only time they speak of him is to say things such as: "If there is a God, then how come..."

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