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Inrepparttar ever popular industry of search engine marketing, not only are website owners bombarded with a multitude of different options ranging from search engine optimization and pay per click allrepparttar 139893 way to viral and affiliate marketing. The need to chooserepparttar 139894 best option in an evolving competitive environment has become ever increasingly important.

This first part of a two part article will discoverrepparttar 139895 differences in results displayed onrepparttar 139896 search engine results pages and which isrepparttar 139897 most effective method to target, includingrepparttar 139898 difference between natural search and pay-per-click listings,repparttar 139899 search engines that display them, how they rank them and which strategy you should implement for your website to obtainrepparttar 139900 best results.

The second part will cover external marketing methods including viral and affiliate marketing.

Knowing your left from right

The results displayed onrepparttar 139901 left hand side ofrepparttar 139902 search results page are commonly referred to as natural listings. Google, MSN and Yahoo! spiderrepparttar 139903 web and automatically determinerepparttar 139904 rank given to each website by various predetermined factors and relevancy triggers. The order of results *are generally displayed fromrepparttar 139905 most relevant sites being onrepparttar 139906 first page and then decreasing in relevance asrepparttar 139907 pages progress.

The results displayed onrepparttar 139908 right hand side ofrepparttar 139909 search results page are commonly referred to as sponsored listings (Pay-Per-Click). These are paid for listings where account holders bid on various keywords for their desired placement. The order of results is not necessarily byrepparttar 139910 most relevant website, but ratherrepparttar 139911 highest bid for that particular keyword.

(*The results “should be” displayed fromrepparttar 139912 most relevant, however by introducing various search engine optimisation techniques, websites are able to appear in top positions yet may not always berepparttar 139913 most relevant website for that particular keyword.)

Natural Listings

With natural listings website rankings fluctuate as new sites and or pages are added torepparttar 139914 index. Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) all aroundrepparttar 139915 world watch this process with keen interest as they continually re-optimize their websites to remain at their sought after positions inrepparttar 139916 index.

Optimizing websites for good rankings are relatively easy to achieve. You do not necessarily have to contractrepparttar 139917 services of a professional. Generally if you build a good content relevant site on a solid platform, make use of a good internal, inbound and outbound linking structure your site should fall within an acceptable ranking onrepparttar 139918 result page listings.

Optimize Your Web Site Pt2

Written by Darren Yates

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6: The hidden benefits to havingrepparttar right links. Every site online has an index or default file as its home page file. But outside of that rule you can namerepparttar 139639 other pages whatever you like. So why not cramrepparttar 139640 names with keywords and/or keyphrases relevant to that page and your site? We've just scored again ;-)

Eg exercise-equipment-reviews.htm is our reviews page.

Noterepparttar 139641 hyphen again always try to avoid using spaces when naming your files or pages. You will get a horrible looking 20% appearing, which is somethingrepparttar 139642 browsers throw in there to represent a space.

If we then namerepparttar 139643 link to this page from our other pages 'exercise equipment reviews' and also makerepparttar 139644 link bold we'll score a whole bunch of points onrepparttar 139645 SE's. If you then userepparttar 139646 other techniques described on this page to optimizerepparttar 139647 page exercise-equipment-reviews.htm aroundrepparttar 139648 phrase 'exercise equipment reviews'. You'll be well on your way to getting a top listing inrepparttar 139649 engines. ;-)

Keywords and keyphrases in a link andrepparttar 139650 name of a page file are very important boosters.Anyone would be a fool not to optimize them torepparttar 139651 hilt. But this is often overlooked and simply not known about.

7: Name your Images properly and utilise their Alt tags. Each image file displayed on a site is linked to with a line of code containingrepparttar 139652 path torepparttar 139653 image. So alongrepparttar 139654 lines of our link strategy above lets utilise that link and fill it with keywords.

Eg We have an image on our home page of a piece of exercise equipment. Lets name that image exercise-equipment.jpg. Most sites store their images in a folder named images, logical, but there's a missed opportunity there. Lets call our image folder exercise-equipment.

So what we have as a link to our image is src="exercise-equipment/ exercise-equipment.jpg" Very nice.

But there's more, all images should have an Alt tag this tag controlsrepparttar 139655 text that appears when you role over an image,repparttar 139656 little yellow box that appears with a description? Hmmm … what should we do with that ;-) You guessed it stick our key words in there.

Is that it for images ? not quite there's one more trick I'll let out ofrepparttar 139657 bag here. Its very simple but effective, add a link to your image to a relevant page or if you don't want it to lead anywhere link it back torepparttar 139658 page its on. Either way you'll score again forrepparttar 139659 keywords inrepparttar 139660 link as mentioned above. ;-)

So you should have something like this - a href="exercise-equipment-review.htm" rel="nofollow" img src=" exercise-equipment/exercise-equipment.jpg " alt="exercise equipment" width="113" height="123" border="0"

Just look at all those juicy keywords. This little technique is little known and is another wasted opportunity.

8: Site map and doorway pages. A site map simply consists of links to allrepparttar 139661 pages on your site. It may be thatrepparttar 139662 way you have your site structured you will have some pages that don't link to each other. Having a site map linked to from every page not only helps visitors navigate your site but also acts as a highway forrepparttar 139663 'spiders' to crawl all of your site quickly and easily. Plus think of all those juicy keyword and keyphrase links onrepparttar 139664 one page. ;-)

Doorway pages consist ofrepparttar 139665 techniques mentioned already on this page but taken that little bit further. Essentiallyrepparttar 139666 pages focus heavily around a keyphrase and utiliserepparttar 139667 techniques mentioned here sometimes torepparttar 139668 detriment of grammar and readability. A doorway page exists to get a listing inrepparttar 139669 SE's for its keyphrase and when visited it simply has a link torepparttar 139670 main site.

If your site is pretty small then it may be useful to have some keyphrase targeted doorway pages. If your sites a little larger there's no reason why you can't focusrepparttar 139671 existing pages on a keyphrase properly as described here and have them dorepparttar 139672 same job as a doorway page.

9: Link exchange. Overrepparttar 139673 last 2-3 years or sorepparttar 139674 links pointing to your site have become extremely important.Following Googles leadrepparttar 139675 SE's have placed more emphasis onrepparttar 139676 related and relevant links a site has. The better these links arerepparttar 139677 better your sites ranking. It's important to state that not just any old link will do although this will help a little a relevant link would be much more beneficial.

So back to our example site - Our site sells and reviews exercise equipment that's all. That's a pretty big area by itself anyway. But what if we exchanged links with a site selling exercise clothing, exercise-clothing.com. One of our keywords is in there which is even better. We add value to our site, exercise-clothing.com adds value to their site our ranking is boosted inrepparttar 139678 SE's andrepparttar 139679 SE provides better results. Everyone's a winner.

It's not good enough just to find relevant sites. Ideally you should be finding sites that get good results inrepparttar 139680 SE's already. Linking to one of these sites will give your site a great boost.

But how do you find out how well a site is ranked? Try these two free tools -

Google toolbar - I'm sure Google needs no introduction. Other than to say once you have it installedrepparttar 139681 little horizontal green bar inrepparttar 139682 middle ofrepparttar 139683 toolbar displaysrepparttar 139684 Page ranking(PR) of any site you visit. Other benefits ofrepparttar 139685 toolbar include, search Google from whichever site your on, a popup stopper and an autofill form feature, enter your details once and whenever you need to fill a form in online you can do it with one click.

Alexa toolbar - Alexa is a search engine owned by Amazon. This toolbar goes into even more detail about a site you visit. You can check its ranking, who's linking to it and even go back in time and viewrepparttar 139686 site as it was years ago. There's also a search feature for Alexa and Google, and a search feature for Amazon built in, so you can search any of them from any site. Handy for ordering those books, CD's and DVD's.

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