L-tyrosine and Your Health

Written by Josie Anderson

L-tyrosine is a protein thatrepparttar body produces from phenylamine, thus making it a non-essential amino acid. L-tyrosine is available from natural foo sources including: - cottage cheese - yogurt - cheese - milk - bananas - lima beans - turkey - peanuts - avocados - almonds - pumpkin seeds - sesame seeds

L-Tyrosine supplementation is especially needed among hard training athletes and obese or those significantly overweight.

Low levels of l-tyrosine have bee associated with low body temperature, low blood pressure, underactive thyroid, and depression.

L-tyrosine has many important roles inrepparttar 150239 body. Bodybuilders favor it because l-tyrosine helps alleviate stress and fatigue that comes from intense training, retain muscular protein, and increase energy levels. L-tyrosine helps with stamina enameling athletes to workout for longer periods of time.

Early Signs of Menopause – Is There an Online Menopause Test?

Written by Olinda Rola

Are these early signs of menopause? As early as in their 30’s and 40’s, many women begin experiencing symptoms that make them wonder. Yes, there is an online women’s health menopause test available from a leading women’s health clinic.

What are common early signs of menopause? The most common symptoms include PMS, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, loss of sex drive, hair loss or unwanted hair growth and fibroids. Some women have one or two of these symptoms while others may experience several symptoms atrepparttar same time. The result can be mildly irritating or it can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Menopause itself is not an illness but a natural process for a woman’s body. There are normal changes inrepparttar 150215 reproductive system and cycle and ultimately,repparttar 150216 reproductive system will cease to function. That is normal. However, certain early signs of menopause are indications of underlying hormonal imbalances or damage from poor eating habits, stress and other factors. And you may feel like you'rerepparttar 150217 only woman to experience symptoms, but millions of women inrepparttar 150218 industrialized countries are going throughrepparttar 150219 same experience many years beforerepparttar 150220 normal age of menopause.

What happens so frequently is that women put enormous demands on their bodies – much more stress than it was designed to handle – and then do not give itrepparttar 150221 support it needs. Women likely have demanding and stressful careers. Women have families to take care of on a daily basis. The relationship with one’s spouse or partner may not berepparttar 150222 best. Aging parents may require help. These and other responsibilities add up inrepparttar 150223 toll taken on a woman’s body.

And atrepparttar 150224 same time,repparttar 150225 woman’s body may not be receivingrepparttar 150226 support it needs to function as it was designed to do. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, excess caffeine and alcohol add torepparttar 150227 problem instead of helpingrepparttar 150228 body cope withrepparttar 150229 demands placed on it.

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