Kyrenia: The Jewel of Northern Cyprus

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

With 340 days of sunshine a year andrepparttar perfect Mediterranean climate it’s no wonder thousands of visitors flock to Cyprus every year to escaperepparttar 150481 sometimes less forgiving Northern European climate.

Northern Cyprus has all ofrepparttar 150482 prerequisites forrepparttar 150483 perfect summer break: sun…lots of! Beautiful sandy beaches, warm turquoise blue waters to bathe in and a sumptuous mix ofrepparttar 150484 best of Eastern and Western cuisine. And Northern Cyprus is able to offer its many visitors far more than a perfect climate and fine food; one ofrepparttar 150485 highlights of a visit to Northern Cyprus is a trip torepparttar 150486 ancient and beautiful harbour town of Kyrenia (or Girne).

The town of Kyrenia, or Girne as it’s called in Turkish, isrepparttar 150487 jewel inrepparttar 150488 North’s crown; a fine old harbour town with a beautiful horseshoe shaped harbour which is lined with waterfront restaurants where you’ll be able to while away a lazy afternoon watchingrepparttar 150489 fishing and sailing boats going about their business.

Anyone lucky enough to enjoy a stay in North Cyprus should never missrepparttar 150490 opportunity to see Kyrenia harbour at night. Hundreds of candles gently lightrepparttar 150491 waterside restaurants and flicker and dance offrepparttar 150492 water’s edge creatingrepparttar 150493 most perfect ambience in which to dine anywhere inrepparttar 150494 world. If you’re a lover of freshly cooked seafood you’ll be spoilt byrepparttar 150495 huge array of seafood dishes on offer atrepparttar 150496 specialty fish restaurants which arerepparttar 150497 pride of Kyrenia’s harbour.

Torepparttar 150498 side ofrepparttar 150499 old harbour sitsrepparttar 150500 magnificent Byzantine Kyrenia castle, once used during colonial times as a prison byrepparttar 150501 British it’s nowrepparttar 150502 home ofrepparttar 150503 Kyrenia shipwreck museum which houses one ofrepparttar 150504 oldest trading shipwrecks inrepparttar 150505 world. The ship sailedrepparttar 150506 Mediterranean atrepparttar 150507 time of Alexandrarepparttar 150508 Great and it sank around 300BC when it was already of quite an age! Many ofrepparttar 150509 objectsrepparttar 150510 ship carried on its voyage over 2300 years ago are now also on display atrepparttar 150511 shipwreck museum including perfectly preserved almonds which were stored in around 9000 jars held underrepparttar 150512 sea untilrepparttar 150513 ship was recovered in 1969.

What you need to know about – portsmouth city

Written by Mansi gupta

Life materializes to be calm and complacent and allrepparttar worries gradually peter out as one entersrepparttar 150458 beautiful seaside town- Portsmouth. The city that was initially a ship building center has a rich historical past that is even reflected inrepparttar 150459 preset day life and functioning of it. Portsmouth has undergone emergence and downfalls but now it has established itself as an adorable and cherished tourist destination.

The Pleasures of Portsmouth The town of Portsmouth is blessed with a wonderful location atrepparttar 150460 sea shore. This facilitates a horde of water games and activities that act as a pull torepparttar 150461 vacationers and evenrepparttar 150462 locals all roundrepparttar 150463 year. There are luxurious cruises torepparttar 150464 bay,repparttar 150465 Isles of Shoals, activities like whale watching etc.

Water activities never sleep atrepparttar 150466 Water Country that isrepparttar 150467 largest New England water park. The park has some ofrepparttar 150468 mind boggling rides for instancerepparttar 150469 Black Hole that gives yourepparttar 150470 terrific experience of a roller coaster, so is Warp 8-a twisting and spherical tube ride. Other enjoyable rides atrepparttar 150471 place include Ollie Octopus-one ofrepparttar 150472 rides deeply cherished byrepparttar 150473 kids, Double Dive Boggan, Racing Rapids, Plunge and Pirate Lagoon etc. Kids can also take a wonder ride atrepparttar 150474 Tug Alley Too. From here children can take home all types of Theodore Tugboat products. Besides, there are books, gifts, garments etc. too at sale.

The Museum Delight Portsmouth has a multitude of worth visiting museums. The oldest of museums here isrepparttar 150475 Strawbery Banke Museum. This museum encounters you withrepparttar 150476 town’s distinguished architectural history which can be a great learning experience. The Historic Garden here is an ideal place for allrepparttar 150477 flora lovers forrepparttar 150478 garden displays some ofrepparttar 150479 most exclusive species inrepparttar 150480 world. Lilac, Hemlock, magnificent Victorian Gardens, colonial raised kitchen gardens…are a common sight here. The museum is thrown open for visitors duringrepparttar 150481 month of summer from 1st May torepparttar 150482 31st of October. The majestic place can also be explored between 1st November and 30th April. A visit must also be paid torepparttar 150483 John Paul Jones House Museum that has a superb gathering of clothing, guns, chinaware, wedding gowns, furniture and other belongings ofrepparttar 150484 captain and his wife.

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