Kwai Valor

Written by Terry Dashner

Kwai Valor

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Atrepparttar end of each dayrepparttar 132207 tools were collected fromrepparttar 132208 work party. On one occasion a Japanese guard shouted that a shovel was missing and demanded to know which man had taken it. He began to rant and rave, working himself up into a paranoid fury and ordered whoever was guilty to step forward. No one moved. “All die! All die!” he shouted, cocking and aiming his rifle atrepparttar 132209 prisoners. At that moment one man stepped forward andrepparttar 132210 guard clubbed him to death with his rifle while he stood silently at attention. When they returned torepparttar 132211 camp,repparttar 132212 tools were counted again and no shovel was missing.

Is this story fictitious? No, it isn’t. As a matter of factrepparttar 132213 paragraph above is taken word for word from Ernest Gordon’s book entitled, Miracle onrepparttar 132214 River Kwai. Gordon witnessed this event as a POW working onrepparttar 132215 Burma Railway during World War II.

Does this story stir you in any way? It does me. No, it’s notrepparttar 132216 eloquent writing orrepparttar 132217 cadence in rhythm that moves me. It’s notrepparttar 132218 punctuation orrepparttar 132219 strong verbs chosen byrepparttar 132220 author. But, nevertheless, it moves me to awe. I’m in awe overrepparttar 132221 nameless man who stepped up to bear for allrepparttar 132222 false blame. His uncommon valor captivates my senses momentarily.

Spring! Time for Love and New Beginnings

Written by Linda Reeves

Prepare, prepare, prepare! The horizon screams of spring andrepparttar budding trees, tulips poking their head aboverepparttar 132206 soil and thoughts of romance and love fill our hearts and minds. Are you ready for what awaits you? Well, if not, we need to get started right away!

First things first, get your house in order, no I am not talking aboutrepparttar 132207 dwelling in which you reside, I am referring torepparttar 132208 temple (your body, mind and soul) of all existence! Time to throw out all preconceived notions of whatrepparttar 132209 other sex is looking for and re-createrepparttar 132210 person you are,repparttar 132211 person you want to be!

Put that smile to work, make eye contact, approach a stranger (be careful), strike up a conversation, and takerepparttar 132212 initiative forrepparttar 132213 new beginning you want to have this year! There is no happiness greater than that which is within you, and love evolves from loving oneself.

Next, get out of that house, off that couch, turn offrepparttar 132214 TV, and enjoyrepparttar 132215 world around you. Open your eyes torepparttar 132216 beauty of your surroundings and look in amazement how everything changes so rapidly. You are like a flower in spring, let your heart bloom, outstretch your arms and let go of that wall you have been holding up. Update your profile to reflect your newfound understanding of yourself, express your heart, your desires and watch life explode before you. Build it and they will come!

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