Kundalini and "Enlightenment"

Written by Robert Morgen

We all hear ofrepparttar concept ofrepparttar 122096 "Enlightened Master", and I do believe they exist. However, awakened kundalini DOES NOT automatically make one an enlightened master. It just means that you've begun to access your inner energies and begin creating your life as you intended to live it when you came back here. Awakeningrepparttar 122097 kundalini is NOTrepparttar 122098 end result orrepparttar 122099 goal. It's just a waypoint on your spiritual/emotional/physical development. It's like crossing a river. Now you're onrepparttar 122100 other side, butrepparttar 122101 journey continues. I've met people whose sole focus in life wasrepparttar 122102 kundalini. That's all they want to study or talk about. Whilerepparttar 122103 study of kundalini can in fact encompass EVERYTHING, if you read everything only looking forrepparttar 122104 paragraphs that haverepparttar 122105 word 'kundalini' in them and ignorerepparttar 122106 rest... Awakeningrepparttar 122107 kundalini is a part of discovering our true self. In western society we learn to wear a variety of masks, each of which represents a part of our learned personality. We LEARN to be different people for different situations.

Sensing 'Intention'

Written by Robert Morgen

One ofrepparttar 'mystical' aspects ofrepparttar 122095 martial arts has always beenrepparttar 122096 ability to feel another persons intention.

Sensing intention gives a personrepparttar 122097 ability to be in instant control of a potentially violent encounter, and it's one ofrepparttar 122098 ways we userepparttar 122099 martial arts to test our energy work and meditation skills in Hoshin.

A simple explanation of 'intention'.

When a person intends to hit you, that intention carries with it a very subtle vibration. Since most people are unaware of this they put off a variety of these subtle vibrations constantly.

Have you ever come home to an angry spouse and feltrepparttar 122100 entire house vibrate withrepparttar 122101 bad energy? This is exactlyrepparttar 122102 same.

When a person tries to hit you they put off a vibration that you can feel, even with your eyes closed. With training a person can distinguish betweenrepparttar 122103 intention to strike andrepparttar 122104 strike itself as there are subtle differences inrepparttar 122105 feel ofrepparttar 122106 energy vibrations emanating fromrepparttar 122107 attacker.

In Hoshin class we have a student stand with their eyes closed and then, very slowly, send a punch towards their face withrepparttar 122108 full intention to make contact.

Almost invariablyrepparttar 122109 student will feelrepparttar 122110 difference inrepparttar 122111 subtle energies that surround them and their body, seemingly of it's own accord, will dodge out ofrepparttar 122112 way.

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