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Written by Emanuele Di Giorgi

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Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

Ah! sensual pleasures. Step outside on a bright, warm morning and breathe inrepparttar first morning air. Can you distinguishrepparttar 129537 lilacs growing onrepparttar 129538 edge ofrepparttar 129539 road, andrepparttar 129540 sweet wet dew that is drying asrepparttar 129541 sunís heat intensifies? Coffee must be ready becauserepparttar 129542 aroma is seductive as you pass your kitchen window. You head down torepparttar 129543 garden to take a look at whatrepparttar 129544 night air may have produced. The moist strawberry leaves tell of jewels of sweetness developing inrepparttar 129545 summerís light, andrepparttar 129546 distinctive, pungent aroma of tomato leaves let you know that these round globes of distinction will soon bring tasty delights to your meals.

Your shoes are damp as you trek throughrepparttar 129547 grass andrepparttar 129548 blades bounce back so that your footsteps soon disappear. A woodpecker is busy on some distant tree and a magnificent hummingbird flies past, with nectar on his mind. You begin to feelrepparttar 129549 sunís heat on your arms andrepparttar 129550 cloudless, blue sky predicts another great day.

The quick trip above may have taken less than 15 mins. but it awakened all your senses and raised your pleasure a couple of notches. The outdoors can seduce you out of slight bouts of depression and revive and revitalize your thinking. This journey into enlightenment and heightened awareness can take place in any setting - city, urban, rural. A city park, a peaceful, quiet lake, or a trout stream filled with life, can all attainrepparttar 129551 miracle of clear minds and colorful thinking. Something as simple as watching a thunderstorm rolling in, and taking note ofrepparttar 129552 hush that envelopesrepparttar 129553 area, as your heart skips a beat knowing thatrepparttar 129554 clap of thunder andrepparttar 129555 brilliance of lightening will soon triumph throughrepparttar 129556 evening is an exercise in awareness.

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