Knowledge From the People, For the People

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Iíve heard about it a lot but until today I had never checked it out, Wikipediarepparttar free on-line encyclopedia. ( Now this is a pretty cool invention, let me tell you. This is an encyclopedia made byrepparttar 142930 masses forrepparttar 142931 masses, and anyone (even you) can add or edit pages. This means that if youíve got a piece of knowledge that you think is worth knowing, after checking that it is not out there already you can add to this huge body of knowledge that is growing everyday. There are over half a million articles in English alone, but there are also articles from many other different languages, some with over 100,000. Inrepparttar 142932 old days we had to spend a lot of money to buy encyclopedias. They took up a lot of space and were produced by private corporations hoping to make a monetary gain. Now we can writerepparttar 142933 book and read it for free!

I did some random searches today onrepparttar 142934 Wikipedia site reading about various things from Saddam Hussein, McDonalds, to a small town I used to live in called Bowling Green, Ohio. I learnt a lot of interesting stuff, likerepparttar 142935 fact that Saddam once set up a literacy program in Iraq as well as a compulsory free education system. This doesnít take awayrepparttar 142936 fact that he killed and persecuted many people, but it gives us a more balanced human picture and proves that there is always more than meetsrepparttar 142937 eye when it comes to watching our news on privately owned media channels. Did you know McDonalds owns more playgrounds than any other privately owned organization? Or did you know that they buy more pork than any other company inrepparttar 142938 U.S.A.? Where does all that pork go? I hope itís not inrepparttar 142939 milkshakes!

One ofrepparttar 142940 main features that excited me on Wikipedia isrepparttar 142941 amount of links that you can click on in an article that will lead you to other articles. If you are doing research it seems that you can go very deep intorepparttar 142942 rabbit hole indeed. If you do look up something that hasnít got too much information about it, itís your chance to widen our horizons with your own knowledge. There are a few rules of course, one of which is that we (WE!) are looking for real facts, not opinions. The articles are being constantly edited so if you write or witness someone else putting in gibberish or vandalism there are many controls to keeprepparttar 142943 pages free from misappropriation.

Search Engine Optimization - A Do-It-Yourself Guide for the Small Business Owner

Written by Colleen Happ

So your company has a website Ė an important step to validate your company, boost its visibility and increase its sales. Now how do you get it to show up on Google andrepparttar other search engines like Yahoo and MSN?

A high search engine ranking for your website is essential. At least 85% of people looking for goods and services onrepparttar 142870 internet find them through search engines.

To increase your websiteís ranking on search engines, you could hire a company to do it for you. There is a whole search engine optimization (SEO) industry that will gladly take your money. SEO is simpler than it is made out to be, and there are several steps that you can do yourself to increaserepparttar 142871 rank of your website.

1. The content of your website is key. Search engines check to see if search words appear close torepparttar 142872 top ofrepparttar 142873 page and their frequency onrepparttar 142874 page. You must first determine whatrepparttar 142875 key words that your customers search with. Considerrepparttar 142876 website fromrepparttar 142877 perspective of a potential customer and try to understand what they would be searching for onrepparttar 142878 web. Aim to have 100-250 words on each page with those key words used as often as possible. Those same key words should be included inrepparttar 142879 title tag of your coding, but keep it to six words or less. (this isrepparttar 142880 coloured bar atrepparttar 142881 top ofrepparttar 142882 page). The site at has some great tools to help you optimize key words.

2. Link Popularity. This is a factor that is extremely important in search engine rank. Almost all ofrepparttar 142883 search engines use link popularity to rank websites. Inbound links matter most, and highly ranked sites linking to your site are worth more that lower ranked sites. If you can provide content that other sites want to link to, you will move up inrepparttar 142884 rankings. This means that you may have to actively solicit links to your content and perhaps write articles for other websites.

3. Proper Page Structure. This can be tricky for people who donít know HTML, but it really isnít that complicated. Your pages should be coded correctly so they are easier forrepparttar 142885 search engines to index. Your site should have easy to follow text navigation, and you should avoid using Flash to build your entire page because it makesrepparttar 142886 site harder to index. If you want dynamics on your page generated by other languages such as JavaScript, you should have these codes in external files. There is also an html validation tool at that is useful. Errors in programming code and incorrect html can keeprepparttar 142887 search engine robots from indexing your web pages. Keep coding clean and simple.

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