Knowing Your Market ~ The Key to Good Sales Copy

Written by Linda Offenheiser

One ofrepparttar most important facets of good copywriting is knowingrepparttar 108055 market you’re writing for. You must know what this market is looking for and what problems it needs to solve. Once you knowrepparttar 108056 answers to those two questions you can write effective persuasive copy that will bring you results.

Writing generic ads that aren’t directed to a specific target group won’t work no matter how well craftedrepparttar 108057 ads are. So,repparttar 108058 first thing you need to do is learn everything you can about your market.

There are several ways you can do this:

• Surveys - You can simply ask what your prospective customers are looking for.

• Canvass your customers – Ask your present customers what they like about your product or service. Ask them what specific thing makes them keep coming back to you.

• Forums and Message Boards – Visit as many as you can every week. You’ll be able to tell fromrepparttar 108059 discussions what problems your market is confronting and how you can best offer solutions.

• Ezines and Newsletters – Read everything you can find that reflectsrepparttar 108060 thoughts and feelings of your market. The more you can learnrepparttar 108061 stronger you can make your sales copy.

Once you know what your prospective customers are looking for, you can write sales copy that targets their problems and offers them solutions. No matter how wonderful your product or service may be, if your sales copy doesn’t offer solutions it won’t be effective.

Strategic Copywriting: So Much More than Text Optimization

Written by Carolyn Evans

So Much More than Text Optimization

Because web copy is so important for achievingrepparttar results you want and expect from your website - and because so much stress is now placed onrepparttar 108054 use of WORDS by SEO companies - we want to explainrepparttar 108055 concept of "strategic copywriting" and in doing so, show you why it's so much more than optimizing text for search engines to read it. This is our definition:

Strategic Copywriting isrepparttar 108056 skill of designing words to create an experience that motivates a customer to take a desired action and enables him to achieve his desired purpose. A little clunky, but there it is. Now, for what this means…

Designing words...

If words were graphics, they would have size, shape, depth, width, weight, color, texture, organization, position, and a relationship to what's around them. For copywriters, words are our graphics, and how we 'design' them to shape a message determines their impact on a customer. Part ofrepparttar 108057 copywriting process is to combine words with a visual design that guides a customer's interest and understanding. A good writer-designer team will agree that, with few exceptions, words are king and visual designrepparttar 108058 loyal servant. In website development, this rule is golden. In all media, strategic copywriting isrepparttar 108059 skill of designing words that influence behavior.

Create an experience...

Why do print, radio, and television ads work? The short answer is, they create an experience that motivates a response. So what is that experience, and how do ads create it? There is no simple answer to this question, but one key factor is this: The ad copywriters and designers knowrepparttar 108060 customer. This knowledge dictatesrepparttar 108061 message that will appeal to that customer. Ifrepparttar 108062 ad is written and designed specifically for that customer, if it's delivered throughrepparttar 108063 right media (say on television, on a certain channel, during a certain program, on certain days ofrepparttar 108064 week, at certain times of day or night), and ifrepparttar 108065 customer happens to see it, he might respond. Or if not then, perhaps another time. When he does respond, it's becauserepparttar 108066 ad provoked in him an emotion that caused him to act.

Web marketing works basicallyrepparttar 108067 same way, with one very major difference: here,repparttar 108068 customer comes to you in search of a certain experience. With a copywriter and designer who know that customer, your website can give himrepparttar 108069 experience he's looking for.

Motivaterepparttar 108070 customer...

By "customers" we mean people who are most likely to want or need what you offer, whether they actually buy from you or not.

Inrepparttar 108071 world of web marketing, customers conduct a search because they're motivated to find something. If you have a website that offers them what they're looking for,repparttar 108072 first and most important experience you must give them is finding your website. This is a matter of configuring your site to come up onrepparttar 108073 first or second page of a search. This is a function of search engine optimization, which is covered in another article.

Assumingrepparttar 108074 customer has found your website in a search,repparttar 108075 next experience you must give him is a reason to stay there. Some basic rules for accomplishing this include: oKeep it simple. This rule pertains to everything about your site:repparttar 108076 words and design should be 100 percent about helping customers find - and buy - what they need or want. oMake sure your site loads immediately. Avoid using complicated graphics, Flash movies, animations, and Splash screens. If your site takes more than a few seconds to load, you're probably going to lose that customer -- forever. oEnsure that your website visitors are who you want them to be. Know your customer, use language that speaks to him, and knowrepparttar 108077 keywords he is likely to use to find you. oImmediately tell them where they are and how they will benefit from being there. This is where your value offer comes in. Design your words to inform and motivate customers to stay and look further. oFocus your copy on benefits torepparttar 108078 customer - not on you. Customers don't buy from you because of who you are but because of what you can do for them. oClear a path to easy and trouble-free navigation. Include tools to help customers find what they're looking for, such as a search function, navigation buttons, etc., make them visible and uncluttered, and make surerepparttar 108079 links work.

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