Know Yourself (Self-improvement)

Written by Joi Sigers

*Self knowledge is atrepparttar point where wisdom meets success.

In order to truly succeed in life - you must know yourself.

In order for your relationships to thrive - you must know yourself.

In order to achieve ALL things that you want for you and for your loved ones - you must know Yourself!

Before you can get anywhere worth going in this world, you have to know other people (how they feel, what makes them feel that way, what they want....). It matters not if you're a teacher, entrepreneur, salesman, chef, doctor, lawyer or writer. You'll simply never be of use to anyone unless you know them. And, asrepparttar 137841 saying goes, you'll never know others until you know yourself.

*Self knowledge is atrepparttar 137842 point where wisdom meets happiness.

Take a close, careful, conscientious look at yourself. Askrepparttar 137843 following questions:

1. What are my strengths?

Can Exercise Directly Help Advance the Goals of Your Life?

Written by Sheldon Ginsberg

So far,repparttar evolution of our exercise and fitness techniques has done wonders to improve our muscular strength, balance and flexibility, increase our cardiovascular efficiency and reduce our body fat.

However,repparttar 137683 problem is that many ofrepparttar 137684 movements, motions and techniques found inrepparttar 137685 local gym have no correlation torepparttar 137686 needs or goals of your life. For example, do bicep curls apply to your everyday life? Running on a treadmill provides cardiovascular health, but its application torepparttar 137687 needs of everyday life seems to be somewhat ill defined.

I have been inrepparttar 137688 health professional for over a decade and have thought long and hard uponrepparttar 137689 meaning and value exercise represents in our lives.

Whilerepparttar 137690 main focus of exercise seems to be upon physical and aesthetic results I believe that another layer of benefit can be added to improve upon our desire and motivation to exercise as well as increaserepparttar 137691 return on our energetic and monetary investments.

Here are some questions to consider as you ponderrepparttar 137692 role of exercise in your life:

What motivates you to improve your life?

·Is itrepparttar 137693 advancement of your life station,repparttar 137694 exploration of your unique abilities andrepparttar 137695 constant learning that you obtain as a result of your direct experience that provides yourepparttar 137696 most pleasure and reward?

What arerepparttar 137697 goals of your life?

·What does it take to be successful in these goals? ·Is your life station being advanced by your efforts?

Is there a direct application exercise provides your life?

·Are you learning about yourself during your exercise routines? ·Would you like your exercise routines to have a more meaningful impact upon your life?

What makes a person successful? I believe success is something that is practiced through a combination of commitment, perseverance, staying true to your word, integrity, and other attributes. With these attributes sufficiently developed any individual can attain success in whatever form they choose for their life.

The question is how does one practice and develop these somewhat nebulous concepts?

My answer is exercise.

Here is how it works…

Our sub-conscious mind responds to whatever we repeatedly do and what thoughts we constantly think. Also, whatever we practice we get better at. For example, positive thinking becomes more positive. Negative thinking becomes more negative.

If you think positively your health reflects this. You can see it inrepparttar 137698 eyes, skin, hair and energy. A positive person positively shines while a negative person bringsrepparttar 137699 whole world down.

By consciously choosing to practice exercise as a means to develop and strengthen not only your body but also specific attributes of success, you will create a powerful mind/body association

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