"Know Your Telephone Calling Habits"

Written by Raymond Klesc

Getting to know and understand your own calling habits, or patterns, can pay handsome dividends when selecting your telephone carriers. Do you make a lot of lang distance or international calls? Do you make most of your telephone calls duringrepparttar day or night? Do you make your long distance calls throughoutrepparttar 107941 week or wait forrepparttar 107942 weekend?

Knowingrepparttar 107943 answer to these questions, and following a few simple rules which we will share with you, will help you to getrepparttar 107944 best value from your carrier and your calling plan. So where do you start? Read on and we'll try to shed a little light on what you need to be aware of when selecting your long distance carrier or other telecommunications providers.

1. Ask if there are any special promotions: Don't be afraid to ask your long distance provider if they have any special promotions available. Many times they have unadvertised specials available forrepparttar 107945 asking. You can also ask other providers if they have any special switching promotions or benefits available.

2. Buyer beware - readrepparttar 107946 fine print: All providers have special restrictions and offerings regarding their calling plans. Many times these restrictions or offerings will be different between their various offerings. Make sure that you read and understand these restrictions and offerings before you accept. If you don't understand something inrepparttar 107947 fine print then be sure to ask. Reputable providers will answer all of your questions simply and directly so you will understand. If a provider fails to give you clear answers then move on to someone else.

3. Watch out forrepparttar 107948 added charges: The per minute cost is notrepparttar 107949 only way providers make money. Check to see if there are monthly minimum charges or per-call charges in addition torepparttar 107950 per-minute rates. For instance, if a provider charges a $5 minimum and you only make one 10-minute phone call, you will be charged forrepparttar 107951 $5 minimum - that's $0.50 per minute!

4. Comparison rates in advertising can be misleading: You should be aware that some advertising showing comparison rates, such as 50% off normal rates, may be misleading becauserepparttar 107952 "normal" rates may not berepparttar 107953 lowest rate available from that provider. Itísrepparttar 107954 same as getting a 50% discount from a hotel's rack rate (normal room rate). In this caserepparttar 107955 "rack rate" is their full 100% price that they seldom, if ever, get from customers.

* * * Dedicated T1 Line Costs Continue to Drop * * *

Written by Raymond Klesc

Global Value Connect ( http://www.globalvalueconnect.com ) continues to witness an erosion inrepparttar cost of T1 service despiterepparttar 107940 fact that many pundits predictedrepparttar 107941 end of price erosion for T1 bandwidth more than a year ago. T1 service providers are still experiencing severe price competition and are more than willing to reduce their pricing in an effort to fill their pipes and turn a profit. As recently as only a few years ago,repparttar 107942 price of a T1 line was out of reach of many businesses, but these days a T1 line has become very price-aggressive, with prices that are very affordable and cost effective even for a small business.

Many companies and individuals that entered into T1 service agreements 2-years ago may be spending much more and receiving less bandwidth then they could purchase today. And if they have had a T1 line for more than 3-years there is an extremely strong possibility and likelihood that they are paying too much for it.

A good example of this is a customer that had a fractional T1 line (384k) that he purchased several years ago and was paying $900 per month. Needless to say he was more than pleased when we were able to quadruple his bandwidth with a full T1 line and reduce his monthly cost by 30%.

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