Know Your Scooter

Written by Jean Butler

KNOW YOUR SCOOTER Become familiar withrepparttar scooter before you ride. Read and understand instructional manuals. Checkrepparttar 146375 controls. Read and understand all safety and warning labels on your scooter. Ride very cautiously until you become familiar withrepparttar 146376 wayrepparttar 146377 scooter handles. Take turns slowly and give yourself extra stopping distance.

Riding your scooter with control and safety will require practice. Anyone that will be ridingrepparttar 146378 scooter needs to knowrepparttar 146379 proper way to ride his or her scooter. This will help ensure that you getrepparttar 146380 most mileage out of your scooter and that you avoid potential accidents by riding incorrectly. You must learn to stand firm but relaxed, keeping your weight betweenrepparttar 146381 wheels. Don't stand too close torepparttar 146382 front or too far back onrepparttar 146383 scooter. Be sure to shift your weight torepparttar 146384 rear when applying brakes, and lean forward when accelerating. Keep feet apart for more stability.

Will Britain Ever Produce a 9 Ball World Champion?

Written by P. Williams

Willrepparttar start ofrepparttar 146232 WPC only two days awayrepparttar 146233 question is already being asked. Canrepparttar 146234 UK ever produce a 9 Ball World Champion?

Although for some timerepparttar 146235 UK has had many talented players none of them have ever really stepped forward and putrepparttar 146236 UK onrepparttar 146237 9 ball map. What I mean by this is winning titles onrepparttar 146238 world stage. Steve Knight did it inrepparttar 146239 90's with his win inrepparttar 146240 World Pool Masters and you would have thought that this would have brought in more sponsorship and media awareness forrepparttar 146241 game, but it did not have that effect. Other than Steve Knightrepparttar 146242 only other player to win a tournament of note is Lee Chenman when this year he wonrepparttar 146243 Weert Open inrepparttar 146244 Netherlands. But taking nothing away from him in what was a fantastic result, this tournament was not world class, it is just a club tournament with some world names thrown in.

What doesrepparttar 146245 UK need to create a world champion? Many people already agree that we makerepparttar 146246 best cueists inrepparttar 146247 world butrepparttar 146248 majority of them play snooker as it is far more lucrative. Sorepparttar 146249 first thing is more sponsorship and therefore bigger prize funds. With sexy looking prize money you will then attract better players which in turn means thatrepparttar 146250 standard in this country will escalate.

The next thing is support fromrepparttar 146251 professional body,repparttar 146252 BPPPA have done a wonderful job in promotingrepparttar 146253 game inrepparttar 146254 2 years that they have beenrepparttar 146255 governing body, but in my opinion enough is not being done to encourage players to take that next step. A professional sporting body should have a referee programme, it should also have a youth policy and a collection of National coaches that work withrepparttar 146256 players that have been identified asrepparttar 146257 best. These players should take part in training camps to focus them for an assault onrepparttar 146258 world stage. Why not have a national cue sports academy? With this in placerepparttar 146259 UK would then produce no end of talent that can compete onrepparttar 146260 world stage. I am not trying to take anything away from Daryl Peach or Imran Majid who have done a stellar job overseas, it is just that they haven't quite gone that stage further and won a Eurotour or other international event.

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