Know No Fear!!

Written by Rick Beneteau

The Greatest Wonders ofrepparttar World we'll never know for they were destroyed before they were even built byrepparttar 124049 great enemy of man - Fear!

That's my take on Fear but here's some notable and famous quotes:

"Our deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest Fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Nelson Mandella from his inaugural speech

And one ofrepparttar 124050 most insightful figures of all time sums up Fear in his normally humoristic manner:

"I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." Mark Twain

Perhapsrepparttar 124051 most famous quote of all about Fear, andrepparttar 124052 one that hits home hardest with me, is this:

"The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt

I will continue alongrepparttar 124053 thoughts of what is a most profound truth about Fear:

"To live with Fear and not be afraid isrepparttar 124054 final test of maturity." Edward Weeks

The reason I decided to use "quotes" throughout this article is to fortifyrepparttar 124055 fact that Fear is nothing but an Illusion. It is imagined, as a dream is. But at least we wake up from a dream. Most people fall into Fear and remain frozen in its giant grasp all their lives! They either live in a constant state of paralyzing Fear or they have lowered their expectations to a level that they never feel Fear because they have "learned" not to risk and grow. How sad!

Fear isrepparttar 124056 minds great mortal sin.

And isn't it just at times when you have to risk something, that you Fear? Think about it! You've had a great idea but you don't tell a soul because you're afraid THEY won't think it's great. You've had long time aspirations to change careers but you cower atrepparttar 124057 mere thought of getting out of your Comfort Zone and out from underrepparttar 124058 safety net you've created for yourself (your job, your security, your routine). You've always wanted to start a business butrepparttar 124059 thought of putting together a business plan, getting financing andrepparttar 124060 unknown quantity ofrepparttar 124061 income you'll receive scaresrepparttar 124062 hell out of you!

How many opportunities have you allowed to slip by because you were frozen by Fear?

Do you know more aboutrepparttar 124063 things you Fear thanrepparttar 124064 things you desire?

Isrepparttar 124065 Fear of failure your biggest Fear of all?

Recognizing Fear!

Not a single person has ever accomplished anything of significance without first feeling scared to death!

You recognize your own tell tale signs of Fear. Might be a knot in your gut. Or a high state of anxiety. A flood of negative thoughts rush in and allrepparttar 124066 reasons NOT to do something hover over you like an ominous black cloud! The truth is, behind that cloud lay bright beautiful sunlight ready to nourish and grow your idea.

Fear is a loaded gun squarely aimed to slay you and all your potential. You need to be on-guard every waking moment to deflectrepparttar 124067 invisible bullet.

"Fear isrepparttar 124068 oldest and strongest emotion of mankind." H. P. Lovecraft

Fear isrepparttar 124069 cancer ofrepparttar 124070 human spirit.

Confronting Fear!

How many times have you had to, say, appear publicly to speak at a meeting or wedding, or attend traffic court, and you were just consumed by dreaded thoughts ofrepparttar 124071 pending event for days in advance? And when it was all over, a huge burden was lifted from your shoulder? The event went wonderfully without a hitch.

When Hearts Turn

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

We stood onrepparttar bluffs three blocks from our home, our eyes reaching out torepparttar 124048 scenery which expanded for miles across repparttar 124049 Valley.

Katherine inhaled deeply and said, "You have to admit it: Bakersfield really is beautiful."

How many times had I looked at that same view and compared it with other bluffs: ones that I perceived to be far more pleasing to my eyes?

I blockedrepparttar 124050 beauty that Katherine saw.

All I tuned into wasrepparttar 124051 oil fields with their derricks and trucks and criss crossing roadways connecting well to well. From my perspective it most closely resembledrepparttar 124052 barrenness ofrepparttar 124053 moon. I longed forrepparttar 124054 views from my childhood bluffs which opened ontorepparttar 124055 Pacific Ocean.

Inrepparttar 124056 flash of a moment, my perspective changed as I turned my heart towards both my daughter andrepparttar 124057 community I call home. I allowed myself to stretch and see from Katherine's viewpoint. My heart gently turned.

I smiled and responded, "You are right, Katherine. Bakersfield IS beautiful."

Last night I did something that took a lot of courage. I made a phone call to my oldest brother to see if he would be interested in partnering with me on a project. We rarely speak these days, something that leaves a void in my life. I decided to step up torepparttar 124058 plate, allrepparttar 124059 while acknowledging thatrepparttar 124060 outcome ofrepparttar 124061 conversation could be almost anywhere imaginable.

Our conversation started out well, with me being a combination of little goofy sister and professional entrepreneurial woman. Then it happened. I felt a shift.

Something in his words told me he was not seeing or hearing my perspective.

My words stopped flowing,repparttar 124062 little sister andrepparttar 124063 professional entrepreneur flew offrepparttar 124064 phone line and were replaced by a confused, tongue tied stranger.

Inrepparttar 124065 next moment, something very intriguing happened. My brother said, "I hope you prove me wrong. Then you can laugh at me for makingrepparttar 124066 wrong decision."

I became fully myself when I spokerepparttar 124067 words, "Nahhh, I would never laugh at you."

Quicker thanrepparttar 124068 words were spoken, I was overtaken with emotion. It was in that moment I realized how far I had come. I had known that I was taking a risk in makingrepparttar 124069 call. I knew that he might not seerepparttar 124070 vision that I held. And I knew that no matter what happened, everything would be exactly as it was meant to be.

As I spoke those words, "I would never laugh at you," my heart turned towards my brother. And then he turned his heart subtly towards me. He started asking me questions about my project. Specific, direct questions.

I muttered some answers asrepparttar 124071 lump in my throat grew expansively. The call ended and I hung uprepparttar 124072 phone.

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